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OMG it is only quarter past 7

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IllegallyBrunette Fri 26-Sep-08 19:17:38

Feel like I have been sat here for hours.

juliec26 Fri 26-Sep-08 21:31:21

know that feeling well - often wondered just how early i can go to bed as can't bear just sitting on my own!! just so happens that I stupidly text my h (who has left me and dd) he is out with all girls from his office in london drinking - whilst I am at home looking after sick dd!!! I HATE him!!! I,ve been so strong all week and now I'm in tears!! another glass of wine needed me thinks!

waites Sat 27-Sep-08 01:56:18

its nearly 2am and i am still awake.

gillybean2 Sat 27-Sep-08 04:18:38

it's gone 4am and i'm still awake...

PurpleOne Sat 27-Sep-08 04:58:13

Jees I'm glad it's the weekend!

now five to five...nobody on msn, kids asleep...flu bugging me.

Not even been to bed yet. Cat pissing me off, shredding tissue around the house. DDs asleeep. LDR finally emailed me, after 4 months, thought he was dead. Missed him.

Why am I not tired?

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