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What do you love about being a single parent??

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mamachat Sun 21-Sep-08 17:07:47

DD is 14months and I am 23, I am a single parent but dd still sees her dad...

It is very stressful but their are good points too... I love the following:

that i can leave the bathroom door open when i go to the toilet or in the shower so dd can come in if she feels lonely...

that i can wear shorts around my house no matter how hairy my legs are - dd will not notice... wink

that i do not have to cook big dinners every night as dd only likes pasta or potatoes and veg so I pre cook most of her meals...

that dd loves me much more than anyone else in the world and only really kisses me lol... grin

anyone else got any others??

Janos Mon 22-Sep-08 20:57:13

Not having to answer to anyone else.


Not having someone in my ear all the time moaning that my 'housekwwping' isn't good enough.

Being able to lie in bed for ages drinking tea and reading with my jammies on.

Only having to clean up my own mess

Oh yeah not living with my XP..that's the biggest

I love having our (mine and DS's)own space!

Janos Mon 22-Sep-08 20:57:59

Obv I meen housekeeping..and to criticise my typing either wink

mankymummy Mon 22-Sep-08 21:01:05

no pressure to parent DC in a way that i know is not right.

bed big enough for DS to come in at night for a snuggle and not have to listen to grumbles of no room!!!

looking forward to the day when DS qualifies as a doctor (he very adamant about this!) and know that i facilitated it all!

Green7 Mon 22-Sep-08 21:13:01

Ditto to everything said above. Do you know, I don't think I could ever live with anyone again? I like my own space too much, being able to do what I want, when I want, how I want without having to answer to anyone except DD of course! wink

Tidgypuds Mon 22-Sep-08 21:16:50

Watching what I want to on TV instead of being forced to watch football and the like.

The bath is always clean, no pubes left clinging to the sides.

Can spend what I like, if I like, when I like, and not have to phone for permission first.

Putting Jarmies on at 6.30pm.

LittleBella Mon 22-Sep-08 21:20:11

Being able to mumsnet without interruption in the evening. grin

Not being expected to provide a cleaning service another adult who apparantly is incapable of seeing mess in the home, although they are all perfectly capable of spotting and indeed cleaning up mess in their territory, such as the shed, the workshop or the car. Miraculously, they can't see it in the living room.

Not having to live with someone who might leave their socks on for four days in a row (see currently running thread).

Not having an extra grown up child there, who needs to be maintained and looked after almost as much as the children, but who provides no reciprocal nurture.

taken4granted Sat 27-Sep-08 07:27:02

Not seeing ex shithead every day and give the lazy arse a lift to the train station as his personal taxi service

Being able to use salt when cooking ( sorry he couldnt have any salt makes for very bland meals and having to cook from scract for everything)

Cuddles and kisses from dd
actually having someone say I love you and mean it (dd again )

Not having to listen to a pack of lies and dishonesty

Being an unpaid cook cleaner slave to another grown up person

Not having to ask if I want to spend anything - If ive got it and want to spend it I do

Seeing my dd grow up and having a laugh with her and not having to share that with someone who doesnt care

Not living with a selfish arrogant ignorant pig!

MegSophandEmma Sat 27-Sep-08 07:33:41

I love being ale to buy whatever I like for the hildren and myself, without having a lecture about it after.

I enjoy watching the tv or surfing online without being made to feel guilty.

Having no conflicting parenting arguments is another good one.

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