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Tonight I called my boyfriend my ex H's name!!

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Pinkchampagne Sun 21-Sep-08 01:05:49

I don't know how it happened, but is something I have feared happening for a while as I obviously have a lot of contact with ex H. I saw ex H when he returned the boys at 6.30pm this evening, and then my boyfriend came round at 8pm. Half way through the night I said "Do you want another drink x?" (ex H's name) Immediately realised what I had said, but it was too late! He said "Did you just call me X?"
I explained my way out of it by telling him that I have a lot of contact with ex H & feared I would one day do this, but it didn't mean I was thinking of him, and he seemed ok, but I feel really bad & a little shocked with myself. I hope he isn't too offended.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Sun 21-Sep-08 01:10:24

ah, lets say my first boyf was called x and my second y. x had a phone that would ring constantly through the night hmm me and x lived in a flat together with a buzzer.

x and i were in bed one night when the buzzer went...."y will you anwser the phone" blush luckily x understood! we stayed together another year and are still friends to this day. so you should be fine.

Pinkchampagne Sun 21-Sep-08 01:14:04

It's so easily done isn't it?! I haven't been with ex h for 2 years, but we have a lot of contact because of the boys, so I feared this may one day happen!

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