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I just ran into a bloke I snogged in the sixth form! He is a single Dad...: )

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FlightAttendent Sat 20-Sep-08 17:37:13


The trouble is, nobody took anybody's number.

He is lovely and laid back and very attractive. We only went out for about a week and it was all quite he has a two year old and he lives in Brighton half the time and here half the time, when he looks after his daughter.

We didn't chat much but it was nice and golly I so

What do I do now?
I doubt we'll ever meet again!

artichokes Sat 20-Sep-08 17:39:12

Are you on Facebook?
If so search for him. If he is a member too send him a message saying it was lovely to catch-up and if he ever wants a coffee when he is near you that would be great.

FlightAttendent Sat 20-Sep-08 18:25:52

I was, but deleted my profile months ago - I never used it much. However thanks to your suggestion I have now found him! smile

Have rejoined.
Have messaged him.



FAQ Sat 20-Sep-08 18:27:16

ooo keep us updated.

A friend of mine from school added me on Facebook the other day - we've been chatting quite a bit (after he revealed - on my wall!!! - that he'd fancied me at school, and I was rather keen on him).

Problem is he's 500+ miles away - so not sure anything is really going to come of it grin

TheNaughtiestGirlKeepsaSecret Sat 20-Sep-08 18:32:11

Oh good for you! Even a bit of banter on facebook can bring a smile to your face.

FlightAttendent Sat 20-Sep-08 18:45:02

EEEKKK!!!!!!!!!!! He wrote back already!!!!!

He wants to meet up and i am officially Scared!!!!


FAQ Sat 20-Sep-08 18:45:35

ooooo grin

SmugColditz Sat 20-Sep-08 18:51:44

I feel like doing a victory dance for you!

FlightAttendent Sat 20-Sep-08 19:01:57

Oh it is very low key...he said maybe we should hook up again and do something kid related, I think he means entertaining them rather than initiating their creation wink


Tinkerbel6 Sun 21-Sep-08 12:19:53

FA nice one, facebook is good for somethings, hope your meet up goes well

FlightAttendent Sun 21-Sep-08 13:33:40

Thanks for the support gals smile

It means a lot! Every time I find a really nice bloke, i completely lose all my confidence - today I have been stuttering in my head, trying to imagine how I would talk to him and I think this is really off putting for the bloke probably when someone loses a sense of who they are.

I will start to worry about all sorts of things rather than just being confident in Oh my Goodness i can't wear that, he will think I am ugly' etc etc etc. Usually I don't give a stuff when I don;t have anyone I like to impress. I can feel ultra confident around strangers or people i dont want to date. then someone beautiful comes along and I turn into a jibbering wreck!


Need to have words with self esteem. She is in there somewhere...

giraffescantdancethetango Sun 21-Sep-08 13:35:34

oooh how exciting

fransmom Sun 21-Sep-08 16:36:46

fa you will be fine (((((((((())))))

piratecat Sun 21-Sep-08 16:45:13

flight, he's not just meeting up cos of the kids. He suggested that to make it less scary for you both.

game on!!!

Pushpinia Sun 21-Sep-08 16:52:17

Oh God Piratecat why did you say that??!!!

<falls off chair>>


do you really think so?

Pushpinia Sun 21-Sep-08 16:52:34

am flight btw blush

piratecat Sun 21-Sep-08 17:22:51

becuase it's the reason, he likes you, and wants to see you, and he didn't take you number, but you didn't take his. Yet you've found him, and he's responded.

yip yip!

mamachat Sun 21-Sep-08 18:11:30

well done for making the first move by contacting him... to me that seems like you have confidence... wink

hope it goes well, he probably suggested meeting with the kids incase you are not interested in him in that way and then he would not feel rejected if ou said no...

good luck, when are you meeting??

revjustabout Sun 21-Sep-08 18:13:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pushpinia Sun 21-Sep-08 18:28:53

Now I am really nervous!! smile

Well I prob sounded a bit too cool yesterday but I said give me a shout next time you're in town and we can go to the swings again as they entertain themselves.

He said will do.

That could mean yes or that he will just 'forget' I suppose...I added him as a friend anyway and he let me hmm

he has 45 friends. I have, wait for it, three blush

wardrobemistress Sun 21-Sep-08 18:47:50

I would be yur friend ..... but I don't know your name and I'm not putting mine on here. We can be Virtual Facebook Friends if you like?

Pushpinia Sun 21-Sep-08 18:50:35

Cool...yes invisible friends is the new cool!

i will just tell everyone that my friends er encrypted so they can;t see them! grin

wardrobemistress Sun 21-Sep-08 18:54:01

Ha Ha ! Actually, email me at ayemmeff @ and Ill add you.(if you want?) You don't have to talk to me but it'll push your numbers up. wink

wardrobemistress Sun 21-Sep-08 18:55:44

Just in case you are worried,I do have other mumsnetters on there,and am not particularly wierd! (also recently became a single mum myself)

Pushpinia Sun 21-Sep-08 18:57:12

Hee hee! Thankyou very much! Ok I will email in a bit smile

There's a MN group as well isn;t there?

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