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Its not fair!! one rule for him and another for me [angry]

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iliketosleep Mon 15-Sep-08 09:55:37

Ok so im not a lone parent but am going through family court/cafcass so reckon there will be a few people on here that will understand.

He didnt see her for over a year then all of a sudden a court summons landed on my doorstep. We have been having cafcass reports as DD does NOT want to see him, she actually hates him, she doesn't see him as her dad she sees my DP who has brought her up since she was 4 weeks as dad, although she was forced to call 'him' dad on visits.

Anywho, cut a long story short. A few months ago he arranged a court date but then had it changed to a later date as he was going on holiday. Fair enough, but I have just phoned my solicitor asking for the court date early october to be moved to a later date. I was asked my reasons, so i said...

DD3 was due 17th aug, decided she was comfy so ended up being induced 10 days late, the birth was traumatic and i still have flashbacks now, plus we aren't in a routine yet and i am knackered. The thought of having to go to cafcass and court over the next few weeks makes me shake from head to toe, im not sure why, i've also started suffering panic attacks and can start crying for no reason at the drop of a hat. I do not want to be made ill by it all when i dont have the energy.

I was told I need a doctors note to produce to the courts and cafcass hmm

I dont want to go to the doctors, I dont want to leave the house, I want to sleep, have a bath, eat (had 1 meal and a packet of biscuits all week as have no appatite).

Sorry this has turned into a rant but i dont think its fair he could just say "oh im going on holiday" and thats fine but I have to go all the way to the doctors to get a note to say im tired and run down hmm IF the doctor will do that.

TwoIfBySea Mon 15-Sep-08 20:28:09

I think you would find the doctor very supportive. I know that I did when I finally broke and asked for help. It was hard but necessary. I felt like you did and it got to the stage where I was ready to crumble completely, I didn't want to acknowledge what was wrong with me and thought the doctor would think I was wasting his time. Please iliketosleep, go for your own sake.

My situation is different from yours so I can't comment as I haven't gone through cafcass. My ex is an ar$e though so that we have in common!

Hugs to you and stay brave, sounds like you have a brilliant dp to help you and your dd through this.

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