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Not really a single mum as have a boyfriend but am still doing it by myself. How do u cope with the lonliness?

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mummy2katelyn Thu 11-Sep-08 10:44:28


I joined this site last week and am loving it! Just funf this topic and thought i'd post. katy is 6mths oldnow and 'm loving being her mummy and doing ok but am so lonely at times. have treied baby gps and am making some headway and been chattin to other mums there but thats only like a coupe of hrs a week.

my bf is in germany and i miss him loads but he hasnt decided when hes coming to live with us yet so at minute its just me doing everything for katy

weekends are theworst. this weeekend i ahev wedding to go to so will have company but thatrs it as far as plansgo

also does anyone work? want to get a job now katy is older but wondering how to jugge it all


mojoawol Thu 11-Sep-08 12:21:44

The loneliness is bloody hard. I work almost full-time, think I would go completely bonkers if I didn't. Even that tho, apart from getting the snide comments when I leave early (yeah, to go home and put my feet up - not!), miss out on every single drinks after work thing which is fairly galling.
Plan, plan and plan, foist me and DS on people at weekends, invite anyone and everyone over or invite ourselves round, but sometimes nice (depending on both our moods!) to just hang out together. Evenings are tough too, been getting into workout DVD's! Also looking around for courses I can do at home, and sometimes just sob into the pillow! There's only so much feeling sorry for yourself you can do though, and you get to a point where you 'just get on with it'.
Also, mn helps!

fransmom Thu 11-Sep-08 15:34:29

mn helps a lot it's kept me sane thorugh various probs with x. the loneliness is hard tho. so have done a free course with and i have recently passed an occupational health and safety course and am now planning on studying with open uni (if i ever get off my arse and send off application form!)

squigglywig Thu 11-Sep-08 17:57:23

Keep going to the groups - they kept me sane, and eventually you do click with people. Playgrounds, swimming pools, libraries etc. - anywhere where there are people around and, likely as not, other kids.

Have you made sure you know of everything that is going on in your area?

No advice about a job I'm afraid - I'm not there yet.

Tryharder Fri 12-Sep-08 23:07:27

My DC's father lives abroad for much of the year so I am in effect a single parent. I work full time (have to financially) but quite enjoy going to work and have quite a lot of friends there. I hardly ever socialise though but tbh, I'm quite happy at home reading, on the computer, watching TV or whatever. I also spend quite a lot time at my mum's and we visit relatives and friends at weekends sometimes. Not very exciting is it but there it is.

Mummy2katelyn, I think it is harder when your child is a baby because they cannot talk to you and you end up talking to yourself or sitting in silence all day. Once your lo is a toddler, walking, talking and doing things, you won't feel so bad, I promise!

allgonebellyup Wed 17-Sep-08 18:08:43

i get really really lonely, and i feel like whenever i ask my friends out, they already have plans with their partners. sad

dont know what to suggest really.

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