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DS is officially a senior see photo, i wished his dad was here to see him.

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onlyjoking9329 Wed 03-Sep-08 10:19:55

Elliot went off today in his new blazer he looked very smart, he said he wished his dad could see how smart he looked, there were lots of mums and dads seeing their kids off and it was hard not to cry, i have taken some photos see profile.

FAQ Wed 03-Sep-08 10:20:54

wow he looks fantastic - you must be really proud of him smile

NorthernLurker Wed 03-Sep-08 10:22:07

He looks great!

Buda Wed 03-Sep-08 10:26:14

He looks so chuffed with himself OJ!

onlyjoking9329 Wed 03-Sep-08 11:36:31

fab photo FAQ he looks very smart.

FAQ Wed 03-Sep-08 11:37:26

thanks OJ - seeing him in his new uniform this morning, proud as punch, made the money I'd forked out on the logoed stuff all worth it smile

QuintessentialShadow Wed 03-Sep-08 11:39:49

Great photo - he looks fab! He is wearing his uniform with pride. Thanks for sharing. smile

BreeVanderCampLGJ Wed 03-Sep-08 11:49:43

Look at the ice cream photo and look at the blazer photo, he looks sooooooo grown up in his blazer.

OJ you are playing a blinder and Steve would be so proud of you all.

Ah feck it, I am crying again.

Tinkerbel6 Wed 03-Sep-08 11:52:43

How smart does he look x hope he has an excellent day and comes home with pride

TheOldestCat Wed 03-Sep-08 12:04:19

He looks fantastic!

Fluffybubble Wed 03-Sep-08 12:37:13

He looks so smart and proud of himself! Think you may all deserve a nice dinner / takeaway / pudding this evening?!

onlyjoking9329 Wed 03-Sep-08 14:17:22

I will put the photo in the special Steve box that a very kind MN sent us, I tell the kids that they can put stuff in there to let steve know we are thinking of him.
I don't know who put the empty chocolate wrapper in there.

TheMadHouse Wed 03-Sep-08 14:20:12

I could do the crying for you. He looks very dapper

tiredemma Wed 03-Sep-08 14:29:57

he looks very smart OJ! You must be really proud.

onlyjoking9329 Wed 03-Sep-08 14:32:30

I did cry all the way home. But then I did cry when they all started school but so did Steve, not that the kids noticed they just got on the bus and never even looked at us once.

laughalot Wed 03-Sep-08 16:23:51

Im sure his daddy is looking down on him and is as proud as punch. You are a fantastic mum and I admire you as a person so very much xx

differentID Wed 03-Sep-08 16:37:50

He looks so proud and smart, OJ.

magnolia74 Wed 03-Sep-08 16:39:43

Oh OJ he looks fab grinxx

VaginaShmergina Wed 03-Sep-08 16:41:54

What a handsome dude ...... OJ you must be sooo proud of him. You are doing a sterling job and should be proud of yourself too, that has really made me smile

onlyjoking9329 Wed 03-Sep-08 21:05:43

i am very proud of him and very proud of my girls too they have gone back to school and coped with the change of teacher and classroom really well. autism and change do not go together to well so they have done brill.

filthymindedvixen Wed 03-Sep-08 21:08:20

oh he looks so cool!

Keep on, keeping on OJ old bean x

Blandmum Wed 03-Sep-08 21:10:24

Good on him, chock and good on you and the girls too.

I felt the same when dd started

WendyWeber Wed 03-Sep-08 21:10:34

OJ, he looks wonderful smile and you are allowed to cry!

You are holding things together so well and Steve would be very proud of all of you.

WideWebWitch Wed 03-Sep-08 21:12:24

Lovely pics OJ, you are allowed to cry.

sleepycat Wed 03-Sep-08 21:14:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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