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Hormones or head? HELP!!!!

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Katiekins83 Mon 18-Aug-08 10:39:28

ok a bit tricky..up untill a couple of months ago my xp was not in contact with his son on a regular basis...but then after him sorting himself out he is now seeing son regularly...every other day, in my house he baths and puts him to bed, i think hes tring to make up for lost time.
Anyway back to subject...he then usually stays, at first it was to try and catch up on all lost events etc. but over the last couple of weeks it has become more about us. and dare i even think it he wants us back head says no but my hormones ay a differnt thingand whereas i can seperate the two he cant and last night we nearly ended up sleeping together! to me it would have been just sex but to him it would have been asign that things are progressing with us!
what do i do?
anyone else been through this?

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 18-Aug-08 13:17:42

how do you feel about your XP? what was the reason behind the split? would you want to be with him?

(not been thru it btw, but might help to talk about such things)

tbh if he has feelings for you, but you have NONE at all for him, not even an inclin then to sleep with him knowing what you do would be highly inappropriate and not fair on any of you. but then again I don't know the back story.

Katiekins83 Mon 18-Aug-08 14:39:12

we dated and i went against all my previous principles and slept with him on the first date... a few dates later and things just seemed to fizzle out.i carried on with uni and life etc as did he, then when i found out i was pregnant (after only sleeping together once!) he was delighted, until i got to five months preg might have even been 6 and he left, went to london (with another woman.)

after that he saw me a couple of times and then when DS was born he came up to see him and moved back up north to be nearer to him, but only saw him about 4 times in nearly 2 years. now hes really good with DS and has kept to everything he said he would if i let him have that chance after so long, although had never stopped him seeing him.
dont know how i feel, i just think we should see where things go but other than that there was never any bitterness between us.

im about to go and have lunch with this could be a a little arkward!

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