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fm's x is still being a t**t (rant sorry)

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fransmom Sun 17-Aug-08 16:18:12

i had to lay the law down to him today about things that are basic common sense., such as not using the phone whilst he is driving - (i was out with dd a couple of days ago and she saw a driver using his phone whilst driving - the first thing she said? daddy does that)he keeps smiling at me, like i'm not being serious. er, yes i am you unmentionable pillock, it's dd's life at risk if you do that. then i tell him that if he can't be responsible, i will take him to a contact centre where he will learn about responsibility.angry so then he gets all belligerent and he says"well, if you want to go donw that route, lwete's do it" <<insert your own string of expletives>>

whta's he expect? i am no longer going to be a bloody doormat for him.

last night he turns round and says that i am going out with the lads so can i phone dd earlier? fine, not a problem for me. then when he finds out i was going to a friend's birthday party and would be out in town, he phones up later and changes his story to.... [sarcastic lol]

i am actually going out with someone (meaning a girl) so i didn't want it to be awkward. you prat. i don't care, why tell ne and then change it? why bother telling me at all?hmm now the prat got me overthingking again. iknow exactly why he did it - to try and ruin my night out. did he? did he heck!!!grin

charliecat Sun 17-Aug-08 21:32:55

He wants you to care. My x does similar. Also common sense lacks somewhat. Kids came in stinking of smoke earlier

fransmom Mon 18-Aug-08 13:12:54

sad dd does sometimes. have told him about this but he still ignores it. i don't smoke either so it's really noticeable then isn't it?

tho i think the comment about x's lacking in common sense somewhat is a vast understatement lolsad

IllegallyBrunette Mon 18-Aug-08 14:11:14

My xp also does this the same. He smokes around the kids when I have asked him not too and feeds them shite.

He also wants me to be interested. The other day he said 'what time are you bringing the kids round because I have to go somewhere before that'

big pause whilst he waits for me to ask where he is going LOL.

Like i give a stuff.

fransmom Mon 18-Aug-08 14:24:51

lol x is the same, as if i want to know. the only time i want to know anything is if it impacts on dd's time with him, that's the current argument, he told me that he was goingt o see bank manger today, when he was supposed to be seeing dd, he had already asked his dad (70+) to look after her and couldn't understand why i was being funny

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