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Looks like ive just been dumped. Feeling really pissed off. Hugs please?

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SparklePrincess Sun 17-Aug-08 00:41:09

God its crap. You let your guard down only to be let down a bloody gain!

Bowddee Sun 17-Aug-08 00:42:18


SparklePrincess Sun 17-Aug-08 00:43:47


giraffescantdancethetango Sun 17-Aug-08 00:45:04

hugs x

SparklePrincess Sun 17-Aug-08 01:14:41


CvQ Sun 17-Aug-08 01:24:55

<hugs>from me too.thats crappysad

SparklePrincess Sun 17-Aug-08 01:53:28

thanks. god knows how i let myself get into this situation again. sad

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