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Anyone doing a degree from home?

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estuaryfairy Mon 11-Aug-08 18:23:24

I'm a lone parent with a 16 mo dd and getting tax credits. I want to do a degree from home and then train as a teacher, but obviously would need financial help to pay course fees. Anyone have any advice please, as I really don't know where to start looking.

charliecat Mon 11-Aug-08 19:37:21

bump for you, maybe post on the student parents section too.

estuaryfairy Mon 11-Aug-08 19:44:31

Thanks, I'll do that. New here so don't know my way around yet.

allgonebellyup Mon 11-Aug-08 19:44:33

hi estuary

im just coming to the end of the degree ive been studying at home with the Open Uni, and plan to start PGCE (teacher training) next Sept.

As i am also a lone parent, i got all 6 OU courses paid for (financial support), as well as £250 grant from the Uni for each course! So you wouldnt need to pay any course fees! They also offer a grant to cover the cost of a new computer.

Then when you do the PGCE, you will get 4k a year bursary if primary, or 4-9k secondary depending on the subject.

So its all good!!!

ten10 Mon 11-Aug-08 19:48:26

If you need to do a degree from home then the best palce to look first is probably the OU,
they can help with grants to pay the fees for students on low incomes see info here,

then once you have a degree you can do a teaching qualification while working info here about employment based training for teaching

kara0811 Tue 12-Aug-08 11:49:30

I am doing an English degree with the Open Uni, about to start course 3 of 6!! I had to pay for my previous courses as was with my husband, but now I am on my own, this course is completely paid for, and I get a course grant of £250 for additional expenses!

It's hard work, but completely worth it, and gives me something to think about other than children, or my situation!!

estuaryfairy Thu 14-Aug-08 17:28:17

Thanks everyone. Have just reserved my place to start an english lit degree with the OU in October (with full financial award!)

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