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so, what did you do with your "old" engagement rings - if you had one?

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isheisnthe Sun 10-Aug-08 13:00:19

Just wondering really, split up over a year ago now, was engaged for 6 years with 2 dc. Whilst we were splitting up he asked for the ring back (it originally cost 1.5k) so he could give it to his daughter (13 at the time!) and I refused, as it wasn't me that caused the slipt (him - cheating).

Now tho, I wonder what to do with it - no point giving it to our DS's one day, as it hardly bought me any luck and I feeel its kind of tainted, so, do I give it back to him - keep it, or sell it - really not sure?

fuzzywuzzy Sun 10-Aug-08 13:01:57

sell it, get it reset in something else???

Lomond Sun 10-Aug-08 13:04:01

Sell it and buy something you really want/need.

Lauriefairycake Sun 10-Aug-08 13:04:22

I stupidly got mine reset as a pendant, single diamond with the side diamonds as earrings to match.

I say stupidly because I never wear it, whereas I now always wear a 'cocktail' or large ring on my right hand and it would have been fine there once the dust had settled five years later.

I want to get it reset again, but it's such a waste of money.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Sun 10-Aug-08 13:04:55

mines at mums house with my wedding ring in a little tea pot.

it will remain there as well - I have no intrest in it at all.

could sell it, of as fuzzy says get it re set?

allgonebellyup Sun 10-Aug-08 13:10:45

keeping mine at the mo

might wear it on right hand one day

IllegallyBrunette Sun 10-Aug-08 13:11:50

I lost mine.

I do still have my enternity ring and did wear it on the other hand for a while, but xp seemed to think that this meant I still had feelings for him so I no longer wear it at all, which is a shame as it's nice.

solo Sun 10-Aug-08 13:15:51

LOL! I have THREE. One each from two marriages - one of which is a hunt the diamonds kinda ringhmm, the other is beautiful and if I could get it on, I might wear it on my right hand and the third was given by Ds's father, so I guess I'll probably give it to him when he's older, though there's not much of a diamond in that one either.
The first one, I'll maybe give to Dd to wear when she's older as it wont matter if she loses it.

BobDowne Sun 10-Aug-08 15:00:44

I never got an engagement ring hmm

My wedding ring mysteriously disappeared during the separation process - ex denies any knowledge! Says a lot about our relationship doesn't it?!

ninedragons Sun 10-Aug-08 15:08:32

I have never been in your position but I think you should certainly tell him to piss off. It was a gift to you so now it is yours.

Flog it on eBay or this site.

muggglewump Sun 10-Aug-08 15:12:38

I've kept mine. It's beautiful and I love it. I was thinking of selling out of desperation but apparently I wouldn't get anywhere near what it's worth and it was really the money I needed.
It also signifies to me that Ex and I were very much in love when she was conceived so I'll tell that to DD one day and pass the ring to her

expatinscotland Sun 10-Aug-08 15:14:43

i made it into a pendant.

in your case, i'd sell it and buy a nice handbag or shoes.


he gave it to you as a gift. it's yours to flog and spend on something that's nicer than he is.

ThatBigGermanPrison Sun 10-Aug-08 15:16:49

I kept mine.

It wasn't a diamond, although he didn't tell me that when he gave it to me.

I nagged incessantly until he bought me one, and when he did, he didn't get me a diamond. He got me a big flashy cubic zirconia (albeit set in gold) when he could have got a small second hand diamond for the same price.

I am keeping it to remind me that sometimes you just cannot have what you want, and that if you don't quit while you're ahead, you may just get tossed a bone.

Also, that ex and I have such such differing attitudes and priorities. I'd have been happy with a curtain ring given in honesty, it was the lie, not the gem, that upset me. And he never did see that.

wildfish Sun 10-Aug-08 16:38:09

Well, not me but the ex.

She asked me to keep it safe for the last 2 years, then asked for it back recently (which I returned along with some other jewelery) so she could sell it all to finance taking me to court for child residency.

Oh well

Chandra Sun 10-Aug-08 16:51:28

I'm wondering what to do with mine, I would like to use the 3 rings he gave me to do a single more interesting artsy one that doesn't resemble at all an engagement ring...

ambercat Sun 10-Aug-08 16:51:44

gave it back to h along with wedding ring and eternity ring as they all were meaningless after i found out the truth about what he was really like. He wanted to give them to dd when shes older but i don't want them anywhere near her. Don't know what hes done with them.

piratecat Sun 10-Aug-08 17:13:33

my 3 rings are in a box in a box in the loft.

I don't think i could bear to go looking at them, just as well iput them there as a real chore to get too.

i will keep forever, becuase they did signify something once, and i would like dd to have them one day.

CarGirl Sun 10-Aug-08 17:21:36

still got my engagement/wedding/eternity ring from DH1 I will give them to dd when she is older. Difference is perhaps that my ex-dh and I are on good terms so although I am sad about my 1st marriage it's not a source of angst in my life.

CarGirl Sun 10-Aug-08 17:22:10

isheisnthe I would sell yours if you can get decent price for it.

mylittlepudding Sun 10-Aug-08 17:46:15

I have my engagement ring. It is the most beautiful thing I ever owned. I tried to leave it with my ex. He brought it back. I don't know what to do about it either, I can't ever imagine wearing it, but it seems mean and horrible to sell it.

isheisnthe Sun 10-Aug-08 17:48:18

I know - I think I will sell it, I am not emotionally attached to it, but just thought it might be rather heartless and maybe the boys should see that once, a long long time ago their daddy did love their mummy.

The other thing is I can't just put on the other hand cos a, he would see when he dropped the boys off (thats if and when he decides to have them) and I dont want him to question why I am wearing it or more embaressingly ask for it back - AGAIN and b. its a square cut diamond set on a platinum band, so loks like what it was - and engagement ring.

Wonder how much I could get for it????

CarGirl Sun 10-Aug-08 17:50:50

I'm not sure, perhaps around a third of it what it cost? Hve you had it valued/have you got any paper work? If you can sell it privately you should get more than taking it to a jewellers.

notasheep Sun 10-Aug-08 17:51:18

Sold mine at a vintage jewellers in Surrey,they would only give me £200,bet it was in their window for alot more than that!

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Sun 10-Aug-08 17:54:58

Threw mine off a raliway bridge when I discovered he had cheated on me...
I had a lucky escape - he is now on his third wife...

KatieScarlett2833 Sun 10-Aug-08 17:57:27

Squashed mine with a hammer then burned it in the fire. Yes, he cheated too.

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