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I know it's smug but can I gloat for a mo! join me if you're having a good day!

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SpandexIsMyEnemy Wed 06-Aug-08 13:03:47

got my OU essay thingy back today - and the tutor rang, he said a few minor things but overall it was v good! YAY! go me! fisrt one i've done in 5 years. I know it's the basic course & will get harder but well - YAY!!

oh and have a date tonight with my fab new blokey who's divine! good work out in body combat as well today. over all v happy.

alls I need now is the speeding ticket to drop on the mat I think I picked up over the weekend

eenybeeny Wed 06-Aug-08 13:05:16

oh well done on all counts! Arent days like that great! Am very pleased for you!

lou33 Wed 06-Aug-08 13:06:16

well done you

SpandexIsMyEnemy Wed 06-Aug-08 13:06:41

even still have double figures left in the bank as well! YAY!

lou33 Wed 06-Aug-08 13:09:23


i thought i did, but went to get money out today and found i have 32 pounds til friday and i havent bought food shopping yet (direct debit left me short)

SpandexIsMyEnemy Wed 06-Aug-08 13:11:23

oh dear - well i've done my shopping (get to lidls was short this week) but still have £27 in there - for me i'm down to pennies by weds in the bank until a sat am, plus my tax credits were spent before I realised I had them (major panic sunday night! lol)

life is good today - wonder what nasty things XH can think of to wreck it!

charliecat Wed 06-Aug-08 13:11:40

Ohhhh date...have fun!
Like Lou I was having a good day till I looked in the bank and am 200 in the red.
Then thought ah its ok, because you cleared the credit card, looked there...and No. Still owe them 200 too Never mind.

allgonebellyup Wed 06-Aug-08 14:05:40

One day i too will be able to write a thread like this! [thinking positive face]


SpandexIsMyEnemy Wed 06-Aug-08 14:13:23

you will ag.

bit distressed at my tutor now thou - have sat and read his comments - is it always worse cos they write in red or cos of what they say? I had the basics right, and met all of the criteria but it still feels like he's pulled it apart - then again he said it was v good, maybe my own standards for myself are too high - as in if it doesn't come back with a perfect score and only grammatical errors I get disheartened. (always have been like that thou)

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