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And on another tack, did any of us not want their ex to go, and now feel fine about it?

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Flightputsonahat Fri 01-Aug-08 07:16:34

I was really really desperately in the soup with Ds1's father, and when he left me for someone else I literally thought I would fade away, I felt so utterly bereft. It was awful.

But ten he remarried (someone I have now met and don't like very much) and I have also seen him and we spoke for a while, and I can honestly say I don't love him at all these days - it's a shame in a way as I truly believe it was the real thing and sometimes I do get nostalgic for the happier times, but the man he is now is quite unattractive and pretty ugly in character.

Ds never sees him, (ex's choice) and this makes me very sad and angry for ds; he could be wonderful but the rubbish side would always come out, so despite his other children loving him deeply they have all also been deeply hurt by him.

I am very glad I am not still with someone I cannot respect (I think this was creeping in and he sensed it, which was why he went - couldn't bear his weaknesses to be recognised)

I feel rather sorry for the woman he married - well I would if I thought she was nice, but she seems not to be so that's Ok. smile

Anyone else got a happy ending?

Flightputsonahat Fri 01-Aug-08 07:17:31

then, not ten sorry - and believed it was the real thing. Not so much now wink

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