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Oh, ffs! Footnote to bye bye car, bye bye flat (lower down the board)

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bignutbrownhare Thu 31-Jul-08 11:23:16

Hmm, first I smash up the car I need to sell in order to pay the mortgage on the flat I also, now, need to sell to try and avoid losing the roof over my dd's head to bankrupcy. Now, I have been visited by a farking TV licensing officer! Well, sorry, in between splitting up with my dd's father, and trying to keep body and soul together, it slipped my mind to line the BBC's coffers evern more, particularly as all that's ever on our TV is Nick Junior and excuse me if I'm wrong, but that's not broadcast by the bastard Beeb anyway. Aaaargh! Paid it there and then, but am still terrified I'll be prosecuted. Shit, shit, shit, somebody, somewhere is sticking bloody great big pins into an effigy of me, I swear. Oh, and just to rub salt in, xp, he of the mortgage-free house and steady job, who can't possibly afford to pay more than he pays for wine and fags in a week on his daughter, has gone on holiday today. Sorry for ranting blush, just needed a bit of MN catharsis.

LightTouch Thu 31-Jul-08 11:49:03

Poor you! sad

No real advice, just didn't want to see this and not give you a <<<hug>>>. Totally understand where you are coming from, becasue life threw a whole bunch of curve balls at me when I was most down, and they haven't stopped yet!

angry How on earth does your xp get to live in a mortgage free house and you have mortgage on a flat you can't meet? sounds unfair....

Am sure someone else will be along soon with some more uplifting advice. Hang in there.

bignutbrownhare Thu 31-Jul-08 12:39:55

To be fair to xp, which I do hate doing, his mortgage-free state has come at a tragic cost. He was widowed five years before we met, so the house was paid off. I don't think anyone would envy him his mortgage-less life in those circumstances. What upsets me is that he's so self-interested and self seeking, to the detriment of our dd.

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