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taking kids away (holiday not ss)

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amazonianadventure Tue 29-Jul-08 10:01:33

Im in scotland and was thinking of taking my 2 kids away for a few day next week anyone got any suggestions,I dont want to go to blackpool but im thinking of the north west possibly chester.

never packed up and just went before so have no ideas!help

charliecat Tue 29-Jul-08 23:58:03

Hmm is this camping, or hotels or what? Bumping up the board for you

RambleOn Wed 30-Jul-08 00:16:43

How old are your DCs?

If they're of an age that they'll enjoy the beach, North Wales coast is nice and within striking distance of Chester.

gillybean2 Wed 30-Jul-08 00:31:49

Are you on a budget? How old are the children and what kind of holiday do you want ie quiet & relaxing, adventure activities, or fun and games butlins style maybe?

amazonianadventure Wed 30-Jul-08 09:38:37

Im looking for something quite cheap,looked at haven but they want £364 which is too much prob 2 nights in a b&b will do us, my kids are 9 and 4.

need to remember it will cost me about £100 just for petrol in these days.

puts a dampener on things maybe i shouldnt have wrote that!

charliecat Wed 30-Jul-08 09:39:51

what about travellodges?

gillybean2 Wed 30-Jul-08 09:56:33

I've been looking at travel lodges & premier inn as they are advertising these £19 deals, but I haven't been able to get one in the areas I want to go too!

Decide which area you want to go too and then phone around and ask for late minute deals and what they can offer you. You are doing them the favour by filling in their empty spaces!

Try Hoseason's website, they keep sending me emails for last minute deals! They have cottages and house boats which are cheaper than the boating hols so don't be put off if it looks expensive. Ring and ask them what they can do for you.

How much would you be prepared to pay just out of interest. Will see if I can hunt you out any bargains but need to know what budget you have, how many people (adults & children) and if you have any specifc dates etc. Also where abouts in teh country are you, obviously closer to you will be cheaper on petrol!


amazonianadventure Wed 30-Jul-08 10:04:18

its one adult 2 kids 9 and 4.
im in sw scotland.
I can go from next tuesday until the following friday.

slug Wed 30-Jul-08 10:16:15

Try youth hostels. Lots of them have family rooms these days and are very cheap.

gillybean2 Wed 30-Jul-08 12:05:44

If you have a tesco's club card you can use your points for youth hostel membership. Also for some hotels, restaurants and days out etc. If you order them online they can ocme really quickly, got mine the next day once but try and book them as early as you can!

Not much use if you don't have a tesco's clubcard though...?

Skribble Thu 31-Jul-08 19:52:10

Independent caravan sites are a lot cheaper than haven and you can still get pools and playgrounds. I took mine to the lake district myself last Oct. I stayed at fallbarrow but visited the pool at White Cross. Argh just checked and only the expensive lodges availible just now, left the link on as it is a good park and the prices are good for oct hols

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