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Life continues and things get better

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glitterfairy Sun 27-Jul-08 21:44:56

To all you lone parents on here I just wanted to say how happy I am these days and that three years after I got rid of Xh I am back on top of things living a life I only dreamed of before and with someone I think is great.

I went through three years of misery, pain and reflection to get here but I am so much better off it is incredible.

Take inspiration and know that it can happen and things can work out.

mamalovesmojitos Sun 27-Jul-08 22:15:03

lovely post glitterfairy!

i am not a complete lone parent, xp is around, sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much. but dc lives with me.

when we broke up it was physically painful. but i can honestly say that time does heal. i have absolutely blossomed since we broke up and i am a million times stronger.

i am so happy! you never know what's around the corner. there is nothing more life-destroying than being in a bad relationship.

here's to the future.

glitterfairy Mon 28-Jul-08 19:32:09

Here indeed mamalovesmojitos!

It does take time though and I have been through many dark hours.

Anyway here's to the future as well! grin

ninah Mon 28-Jul-08 19:36:53

glitterfairy I am so pleased to hear that! When I was last on here you were still going through it. I second what you say, I left ex two years ago and my life is so much better for being a lone parent. Don't know what I was so terrified of. Onwards and upwards!

glitterfairy Tue 29-Jul-08 08:15:43

Thanks Ninah. There are so many sad stories here and mine was one of those but honestly it is possible to come out the other side happy and better off.

davidtennantsmistress Tue 29-Jul-08 08:19:14

swo pleased it worked out well for your GF - followed your story from the start 3 years ago - was it really that long ago??

i'm coming up the year mark start of sept. XH can still hurt me deeply, but the time it takes to pass over is getting shorter.

dark hours are here as u say, but then again so are the happier times,

onwards n upwards to the future.

taken4granted Tue 29-Jul-08 19:26:44

Good for you GF and keep on going dtm pecker up as they say (no intended pun there)

My life too is on the up - am moving in 2 weeks new job in 4 weeks been to mediation and finally came to an amicable agreement ( even my solicitor said she thought we were going to court!) And all this in what 6 months - yes its early days but I am trully happier without him and cant wait to get on with our new life - just hope it all works out fine and dandy.

glitterfairy Tue 29-Jul-08 19:36:26

I hope so too for both you and davidtennantsmistress!

I think for everyone though on here we hear so many sad stories but there are some good results it just takes time and 3 years does seem a long time I know but I am here not there and it is good. smile

kara0811 Tue 29-Jul-08 20:14:29

GF, thank you for posting this! It is very early days for me (dh left just over 3 months ago), and I am finding it hard at the mo. Just so good to hear that it does get better, and life doesn't end just because the relationship has!!

piratecat Tue 29-Jul-08 20:43:57

hello gf, I am really happy for you, and thankyou for sharing your positive vibes!!!

i am 3 yrs and a bit down the line, and faltering at times.

take care x

NotDoingTheHousework Tue 29-Jul-08 20:46:33

Message withdrawn

piratecat Tue 29-Jul-08 20:51:19

i fuckin hope so,

sorry am a bit sloshed!!!

NotDoingTheHousework Tue 29-Jul-08 20:53:45

Message withdrawn

glitterfairy Tue 29-Jul-08 21:16:55

Not sloshed as I am trying to be virtuous during the week! (but wish I was)

Glad you are ok notdoingthehousework. Is it me or does everyone have very long names all of a sudden. grin

I share your faith though and think it amazing how many strong women (and one or two men) we speak to in here.

mamalovesmojitos Tue 29-Jul-08 21:58:19

i really believe everything will turn out right for everybody too.

i am running out of wine though - eek!

reallyfatcow Thu 31-Jul-08 02:46:15

Glitterfairy you are a woman after my own heart!!!
I may be totally skint, struggling to juggle 2 kids and uni, and tackling a rented shitty house, rented from a shitty landlord but i can honestly day my life ain't been this good in years!!
my oldest daughter just scored all above ave in her sats and my youngest is currently being fought over by new teachers..(i must be doing summat right!!)
i love the lone parent business..noone to contestyyour views and noone to answer to!!!!

glitterfairy Thu 31-Jul-08 08:22:02

Thank you rfc!

I love being alone at home and in charge but have a bloke these days who comes along when I want as well. He is very independent and so never interferes, if I dont interfere with his ways either and he lives about 40 miles away.

I think I feel as though I am finally getting everything I need and want from life without too much stress.

Had my hair done yesterday and it has all grown back and is strong again. It fell out in clumps during the court battle and divorce.

I am going for a job interview next week which I really want and have picked my career back up and like you my kids are doing incredibly well at school. So all in all life is good.

I must say a huge thank you to many people on here though and in particular Beetroot, freckle and PC, for the rest you know who you are.


Pinkchampagne Thu 31-Jul-08 11:55:56

I am so pleased things are looking up for you, You so deserve this happiness!

I have been separated for 2 years now, and feel very much the same as you. I feel so much calmer (other than when my children test my patience to the limit!) and am not walking on eggshells anymore or coming on here in a state because he has upset me again.
I have gone from a huge 4 bed town house to a tiny 2 bed house which still has lots of work to be done, but I am so so much happier here!

Great to hear things are going well with the new man in your life, GF!
I have been with my man nearly a year now, and he is also a very independant man who has been through a marriage separation himself. He lives a 30 min drive away in his own house & works Min to Fri nights, so I see him just once or twice a week. weekdays are my time & weekends I look forward to spending time with him. He is really the lovliest man I could have ever wished to meet. Two years back I would never have dreamt I would end up with someone like this!

I too must say a huge thanks to all the wonderful people on here (one of which is you! I had so much admiration for your strength & you really helped me through) who helped me keep hold of some sanity through some impossible times. You all kept me going, and I'm so glad you did!

LightTouch Thu 31-Jul-08 14:13:49

Thanks for the positive vibes GF, and from the others that posted about sorted lives and new relationships.

I am two and a half years in, and although still reeling from regular pain from soon to be xh, life is less heavy, but still rather lonely, so it's really great to hear when it works out for others. Gives me a bit of hope. wink

glitterfairy Fri 01-Aug-08 07:28:30

It is lonely at times and has been a lonely path to tread. I am only just regaining a life after three years of time with my kids who needed just me for a while. We all had to recover from the nightmare of my X who still surfaces every now and then but is no longer able to wreak havoc. My eldest two no longer see him at all.

My middle son is finding the adjustment a little hard as he is used to being the only man in my life and so can be jealous and a little possessive but he is gradually coming round and there is no rush.

Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Aug-08 10:22:42

I still get lonely moments too, as I am on my own more often than not, but life is better than it was with ex H!

Glad things are so much better for you, GF. Your DS will come round in time & I have no doubt you are handling it all very carefully as you seem a fantastic mum!smile

glitterfairy Sat 02-Aug-08 16:57:29

Yes he will and the dds love new man so I just need to be patient. As new man is a paediatric intensive care nurse he understands kids well and is also pretty patient with them. Indeed one of the reasons he didnt want the kids to know was that he dislikes men who mess about with families.

Anyway of out with him and kids tonight and he is meeting the rest of my family so wish me luck!

Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Aug-08 17:27:56

Oh good luck, GF! He sounds great - hope all goes well

glitterfairy Sun 03-Aug-08 21:49:33

Yes things went well we even went for Sunday lunch today and he managed all my rather terrifying family who are now very protective over me and had a list of questions for him including did he own an axe????

My sisters dd (22 months) took a real shine to him and spent most of the day in his lap giving him cuddles and so I think he won them over. My sister said dogs and children usually know who to trust!!! grin

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