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charlotte121 Sat 26-Jul-08 13:28:33

Ex p has really done it this time. He was late to collect ds today... turned out that was because he had spent the night in a police cell for having a fight in town last night! What an idiot...why cant he just walk away from these things... does he not watch the news? Does it not register in his head that people are pulling knives out of their pockets in similar situations??? He is a useless dad at the best of times but hes even more useless 6ft under!
Anyway i got told to mind my own business for expressing this opinion!

When he left I kept getting this whiff of something... at first I thought it was cheep aftershave but I recognised the smell and realised it was fucking whisky. He has taken my precious son out when he stinks of booze so is probibly over the limit! Im worried now... if he crashes with my baby in the car I will never forgive him! Have tried ringing his mobile but he is ignoring my calls.

I really do not think he is a capable father... and he wonders why I wont let him take dd out. Im seriously thinking about making him have contact at my flat. I dont trust him! Aghhhhh im so angry. Why didnt i recognise what the smell was sooner and stop him taking ds out. I will never forgive myself if something happens!!!

lucylue Sat 26-Jul-08 21:11:41

hi charlotte,
sorry for your situation.
have you heard from him?
when will he take ds back?
do you have his family's phone no?
i think dont let him take ds out again.
if he doesnt drink before he still can drink after collecting ds.
dont trust him.
good luck

charlotte121 Sat 26-Jul-08 21:53:18

Heya. he brought ds back in one piece... said something about it to him but he wouldnt talk about it. I dont talk to his family. theyre all nuts! im just going to make it clear that if he puts another foot out of line then im restricting access.

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