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recently single......! What can I claim?

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lourobert Thu 24-Jul-08 11:46:40

Just wondered if I should be claiming anything extra really. I currently work 30 hours a week and have a severely disabled child.

I know you can get single person reduction on council tax but is thee anything else.

I dont really have a clue about benefits and stuff.


charlotte121 Thu 24-Jul-08 14:44:49

Your best bet is to arrange an appointment at your local job centre or even just call them they will be able to tell you what your entitled to.
I think you might be entitled to a carers alowance and your child tax credits might increase too. Im not very hot on what your entitled to as im not claiming everything i should be...
Good luck coping alone. If you need a chat come along and have a moan... i frequently do it. x

MumtoPhoebeboo Thu 24-Jul-08 14:45:18


I'm assuming you've let the tax credit people know that you're now a lone parent? Depending on your income and rent/mortgage, you might want to look into whether you're eligible for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit? I still receive some even though I'm working 40 hours per week in a fairly well paid job (simply because cost of renting in London is ridiculously high!)

I don't know much about Carers' Allowance or other things you could be entitled to.

Hope this might help

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