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Represent yourself in court

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scotslaw Tue 22-Jul-08 19:42:39

Has anyone represented thereselves in court. I am about to be take to court for breaching a court order but I have resonible grounds for doing this as my sonsfar has been telling my son to be violent and abusive towards me and my partner. He has also been been very cruel to him in the way he treats him and my son is terrified but his fatherhas a joint court order with his mum as they live together. On the grounds of how his father has treated my son I have also stop the grans contactbut I have offered her supervised until these issues are resolved in court and my son is allowed to speak as I feel his granny will try to make him change his views about her son and my son doesnt want to see his father ever again as he is so scared of him. His granny has now put in that I am in contempt and I was looking to represent myself in court as we can't afford allthe legal costs. I hate the word contempt its like nobod cares about the child and what they want and if they took the time to listen to him before rushing to court as we have social services coming out next week to speak with my son. I just want to know if anyone else has represented thereselves in court or has any other advice? I have tried speaking to them but they just deny everthing and then agreed to not push contact until we had been to meditation and I arranged this but they changed there minds and went straight to solicitors and lied that they even agreed to go to mediaition.

Can anyone help?

TheMagnificent7 Tue 22-Jul-08 19:55:55

I have, twice, and lost furiously. Get help if you can. Really. It's not even a principle thing. The courts trust the solicitors, not the public. Even if it's a duty solicitor 5 minutes before, just get one.

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