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Light at the end of the tunnell!

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taken4granted Mon 21-Jul-08 19:15:58

I have managed to get myself a new job!! Im moving up orth from very expensive Surrey to be an attendance officer its full time term time only but Ill have my parents on hand to do drop off and pick up and all the school holiday s off and the chance of a real career again. Im leaving the area as my shithead of an expartner willnot negotiate on the share ofequity despite having over 50K of declared savings and a salary of £150k per yr he is a twat and Im finally getting out of the situation and my dd has a lovely new school to go to starting in sep. 3 weeks to go and then we are gone and despite the shit syaing e will see her every other w/e Iknow he wont keep it up and so we will be well shut. DD hates his guts and wont see or speak to him so we will be well shut

prettyfly1 Mon 21-Jul-08 19:25:25

I am glad you have found a good position and hope it works out mate!

taken4granted Mon 21-Jul-08 19:29:04

cheers - I will only have myself to thank for this !!! I got it all by myself after 8 yrs of bein devalued and made to think I was stupid ugly etc etc etc Im really rather pleased with myself dont get me wrong very cheesed off that I chose an shithead for an ex etc etc but these things happen and when dd grows up she will have learned that good things happen eventually to those who make them happen! sorry to crow actually Im really angry about my ex and his opinion on what is a fair financial offer but Im making a decent life for myself and my daughter and need to focus on the positives

mylittlepudding Mon 21-Jul-08 19:33:12

Well done you for having made something positive happen. I hope the transition is really straightforward for you and your dd.

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