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so it's nearly the weekend and i have heard NOTHING from my fancy!

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piratecat Thu 17-Jul-08 18:44:44

not that he said he would contact me by now. I just thought, hey weekend, thats a good time to go for coffee, isn't it?

Am i being a wally, in thinking he might have meant it?

we chatted loads last friday at the school thing. I said that he sounded pretty content bieng single at, to which he replied 'oh no i still want to go out sometime'

when sometime tho, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

thats twice he has metnioned going out, once in the text before we got chatting, and once when put on the spot, well once when fed the line i had to feed.

oh god, i hate men. (blubs) i wannnnnaaaaa date.

he seems like a good bloke, all the kids love him, those i know who know him say he's shy.

yet he has said he isn't sure about getting into anything so soon after his breakup. But if he really was interested he would , wouldn't he. I mean i could have half a dozen waitng for a date ala pirate, for all he knows.

oh, just the thought of antoher boring night in this weekend, just makes me miserable.


just had to vent.

davidtennantsmistress Thu 17-Jul-08 18:49:52

is this the teacher?

take charge, text/ring him n say hiya just wondered if you're free tomorrow do you fancy meeting for a quick coffee?

keeps it light then.

OverMyDeadBody Thu 17-Jul-08 18:54:07

vent away.

Don't text him or contact him though. If he said he wasn't sure about getting into anything so soon then he means it.

It is shitty and horrible though, being in your position, I've been there many times, just don't hold out hope that he will suddenly want anything. Even if he likes you, if his head's not in the right place, he's not going to persue it is he?

piratecat Thu 17-Jul-08 19:01:06

yes the teacher.

my pride won't let me text/contact. i think i did enough with the leting him know i liked him. ie the mad dash to deposit note into his palm!

he was oggling me so much last friday, it was obscene.

but let me say this.

what would you think if on eof the things he said was' oh i am a bit boring really i am only into (says hobbie)' to which i am quite impressed as i am quite a lazy cow. washe tryingto put me off, or does he have low self esteem right now, his relationship that ended was ten yrs. alot of time.

davidtennantsmistress Thu 17-Jul-08 19:03:47

prob a bit of low self esteem I would have thought - maybe thou in an odd way it was his way of saying don't wait around for me?

piratecat Thu 17-Jul-08 19:06:42

yes i thought so too. i think he is in a place where he is enjoying freedom, looking after no!, but still happy that someone found him attractive.

piratecat Thu 17-Jul-08 19:07:33

no 1 i meant.

prettyfly1 Thu 17-Jul-08 20:04:00

hi pc. can i put a slight dampener on things. let him take it as his pace lovey - he hasnt long been seperated has he? you dont want to be a rebound missy. maybe send a text but dont throw yourself into anything. jsut be a bit careful wont you!

piratecat Thu 17-Jul-08 22:32:14

I will prettyfly, i will. It was all very intense last week, well for me anyhow!!

what will be will be, and no i don't want to be a rebound, and to give him credit, I guess he is being sensible.

allgonebellyup Fri 18-Jul-08 07:37:47

now i remember why i hate men and hate dating!
it makes you feel sick, all that waiting around and disappointment. One minute they are so keen and cant keep their eyes off you. The next, nothing.

I myself cannot be done with it.
Good luck with him!

Buda Fri 18-Jul-08 08:05:10

I think you will just have to wait. Be nice and smiley and friendly but not overly so next time you see him. Mention nothing about seeing him socially and see what happens.

If he has recently split he maybe feeling fragile, enjoying being single, hoping to get back with ex - or he may not know himself yet.

Tinkerbel6 Fri 18-Jul-08 11:41:27

piratecat if you have made it known that you like him then leave the ball in his court, if he doesn't contact you at all over the weekend then keep it casual, don't wait around for him though

prettyfly1 Fri 18-Jul-08 15:59:37

all gone - i am so glad you said that. everyone else is like ""ooooh" the first stage of a relationship. I HATE it. all the waiting, uncertainty. bleurgh. not for me!!!

piratecat Sat 19-Jul-08 11:40:44

well i hate it too now!!!

I have prob fancied two people inthe past 3 yrs (hhim included).

I knew i woud put myslef on the line by approaching him, and i am glad i did it.

I just get very pissed off when a supposedly pillar of the community, good bloke, yada yada, and lets face it a grown up, had prob lied about wanting to go out.

just pointless, and all that.

piratecat Mon 21-Jul-08 16:32:15

have to poss see him later at another function. Part of me is angry, and part of me is trying to rise above it.

fawkeoff Mon 21-Jul-08 17:03:04

dont be angry PC its a bloke dealing with someone who was very interested last week....and has been very cool towards me since friday......i am not even dealing with not making his head any bigger than it is already...upwards and onwards for me, he keeps MSNing me....then leaves me ages inbetween replies....just tell him im goin...then asks me not to!!!!!
he asked could hecome over tonight last its over before it begun for me............bugger him PC act like you dont give a shit

prettyfly1 Mon 21-Jul-08 18:22:15

bollobvks to em mate - onwards and upwards

piratecat Mon 21-Jul-08 19:30:23

yeah, i agree. I know that I'll get thru this, i know there wasn't much to warrant that statement there, yet I guess I was just really hoping it would come to something.

Made me realise how maybe i could really love another person, and have a relationship again. It was scary, and exciting.

I guess I am cross becuase i have had to deal with shit 4 three yrs from ex, what i mean is, that feelignthat you want to say something, if soemone has pissed youoff, but then onthe other hand u don't want them to know you even care.

fawkeoff Mon 21-Jul-08 19:36:29

i know exactly wot ur struggling not to text mine myself right now LOL.....dont want to give him the satisfaction of it.....or to think im stalking him!!!! he is obviously not as interested as i thought so im not wasting the text grin

just be as casual as possible, i know its easier said than done but really....his loss sweetie x

nkf Mon 21-Jul-08 19:40:12

You know, I don't think you should be spending a second thinking about a man who hasn't phoned.

piratecat Mon 21-Jul-08 19:45:09

and i would say the same to anyone else. Yet when you've been kicked down that many times, just another little dent to the confidence can really hurt.

nkf Mon 21-Jul-08 19:58:32

I know. I'm sorry. But that's why I think you shouldn't dwell on it. If it doesn't make you feel better and happier then stuff it out of your mind.

piratecat Mon 21-Jul-08 20:02:28

i will do. I guess my hurt runs deeper than this.

fawkeoff Mon 21-Jul-08 21:54:05


As women we build ourselves up for the fall everytime.......we promise ourselves that we wont read into is just gonna be casual.......then before we know it we are waiting for them to text/call/msn.....we do the things we swear we wont, and you know what PC we will do it again im sorry to admit

do not let this get to you sweetie its not worth put yourself out there which took guts, and the feeling of rejection does go deep....but i will say again HIS need to look even more beautiful when you see him......and dont let him think for 1 second you give a flying fuck

piratecat Tue 22-Jul-08 09:33:40

ah fawkeoff you are a wise woman.

I am concentrating on the holidays now. I am going to organise a few sleepovers, so that I can have a break. One mum has offered to have dd, which is great.

I need to go out and widen my horizons, a bit difficult as I live in the sticks, but I want to have a good summer.

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