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Doldrums! (Self indulgent whinge alert)

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Ate Sat 12-Jul-08 11:36:02

Around 3months pg, absolutely shattered so went to bed at 10.

At 11, DD2 had nightmares, snuggled up with her for a couple of hours, talking and cuddling.

DD2 goes back to own bed, DD3 wakes up with teething pains. Snuggle up, sing songs, chat.

After some hours, DD3 goes back to sleep. DD1 wakes up with stomach ache. Snuggle up, chat, cuddle.

DD1 goes back to bed, DD3 wakes with teething pains..... before I know it, it's light and everyone's awake.

My whinge, my main query is.....

Why do I still have to then contend with morning sickness given that I got no sleep? Particularly given that upon waking, DD1's stomach ache became a full blown bug and bless her, but I'm finding clearing up particularly grim

(Compounded by the fact that I rang xP to find out where he's hidden the blender, for DD3's breakfast and couldn't get hold of him, hence, he's sleeping, having slept all night no doubt. Grrr.)

piratecat Sat 12-Jul-08 11:38:05

hi, god you must be very tired, and worn out bless you.

I don't hav any practical advice realy, is there anyone who could come round and let you have a few huors kip today??

Ate Sat 12-Jul-08 12:14:57

xP's due to see the children later on which usually happens here anyway so I might just take the opportunity to sleep, no doubt the chances are tonight could be similar!

I find it frustrating to sleep in the day though. It seems as though I'm always playing catch up on even the most basic household activity at the moment. Tend to wake up to more mess and more jobs on the couple of occasions I have tried it!

Thanks PC I'm generally quite optimistic, honest!

piratecat Sat 12-Jul-08 12:18:29

It's ok to have a moan, no need to apologise. I take my hatof to you, it can't be easy, and i know how tiring and long a day is after no sleep the night before.

As for mess, I have put off so many jobs, and have become so lazy recently, and ionly have the one dc who is also at school.

The weather has been so bloody depresing, that I am sure my body belives it to be hibernation winter time. I long for the sun, for that positive feeling it brings.

I am sorry you are on your own and pg ((((((hug))))))

Ate Sat 12-Jul-08 22:23:14

Thanks, you're being very kind smile. xP didn't show (actually, I rang him at half 12, which woke him up. I explained current issues and he went on to bemoan how tired he is, so I told him not to bother coming over blush just couldn't be doing with his self absorption today!)

So, no kip but a second wind occured, thankfully.

My pregnancy? Hmm. I knew it wouldn't be easy yet I hoped I could cope but sometimes I'm scared that I can't. And sometimes I curl up in a ball and sob and wail in agonising pain and extreme misery. Sometimes I find it hard to relate to xP's baby in utero which is an unfamiliar feeling to me . Sometimes I can't even envisage the birth, which terrifies me.

But usually, I don't have time to think!

colditz Sat 12-Jul-08 22:28:44

make him turn up and make him take them out. yyyou don't have to put up with his self serving whining, you don't have to put up withhis presence at all.

sorry abour typing, keyboard has had it

Ate Sat 12-Jul-08 22:44:24

colditz, makes absolute sense though to be honest, I didn't really fancy doing anything more than crawling under my quilt today!

Another issue being that xP has threatened many times to take his life since we broke up (due to his affair when I was last pg). I don't know how much of it is guilt tripping and head wrecking, rather than genuine warning of his intentions but I no longer feel entirely comfortable with leaving the children solely in his care.

He hasn't threatened them or put them at risk but I don't feel entirely comfortable still. They are all very young, 6yrs, 3yrs and nearly 6 months.

allgonebellyup Sun 13-Jul-08 08:15:03

oh god, you must feel horrendous

i remember being up in the night with just one child when i was pregnant, getting no sleep, then having to get up at six with a spinning head and throwing up all over the kitchen sad blush

you have my greatest sympathies!

allgonebellyup Sun 13-Jul-08 08:16:41

Sorry, meant to add that my ex also threatens to kill himself quite a lot, sometimes he turns off his phone for days on end so i start to think he may have gone and done it.
He is saving for a motorbike and keeps telling ds (who is 4!!!) that he will will be dead soon sad angry

what a selfish wanker

Ate Sun 13-Jul-08 22:24:18

AGBU, shock aren't they just! (Selfish wankers, and some.) Mine does the phone off thing too. Ridiculous.

No sleep last night as the bug spread sad but then something very nice happened! I had a call first thing from one of my friends who spared her sunday to come over and help me get on top of my house! She even shopped for me on the way over. Wonderful woman has made my week smile. I hadn't realised how much it had been getting me down and she's reminded me (verbally and through action!)that I don't have to struggle alone, lucky bint that I am!

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