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Access to the children - please help

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talie Mon 31-Jan-05 21:58:18

Realise started thread in wrong area - hope managed to put link below:-

access to children

weightwatchingwaterwitch Mon 31-Jan-05 23:23:55

talie, can you tell us more? I'm not clear fromt he other thread why you split up or why he's going so far away. I'll try to come back to this tomorrow, going to bed now.

Sheila Tue 01-Feb-05 12:37:26

Hi Talie,

Think you got some really good advice on the other thread so I would only add that my XP comes to see ds (aged 4.75) at my house most weekends and I hate it! I'd like to have some time to myself in my own home. Think I will never have a life until this happens. One day you will feel this too, so try to see it as a positive thing that your XP wants to spend time with his kids. Maybe a whole weekend is too much too soon though and perhaps you could suggest that contact should settle down a bit first. It's not long since your xp left, after all.

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