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maisystar Sun 23-Jan-05 21:08:12


i used to post a bit on mn but stopped because had no time! however recently i have 'issues' (but will hit you with those later ) about the confusingness of single parenthood so where better to turn to than mn!

soooo.... i am 26 with ds age 4, not working(doing some courses and volunteering) and wondering what thw hell i'm going to do when ds starts school in september!


essbee Sun 23-Jan-05 21:10:06

Message withdrawn

SPARKLER1 Sun 23-Jan-05 21:12:43

Hi Maisystar. I have two dds. One in year 1 and one at pre-school. dd2 (3) has been at pre-school since September doing 3 mornings but since xmas is now doing 2 full days and 1 morning. It has been really nice having the time to myself but last week I was so up together with everything I found myself getting a bit bored. Looking forward to dh pay day and I go hit the shops!!!! Enjoy your time - us mums deserve it after all the hard work we have put it over the past few years. xxxx

SPARKLER1 Sun 23-Jan-05 21:13:27

sorry terrible typos - am shattered!

pebbles1 Sun 23-Jan-05 22:46:35

haven't posted on here for ages.

My DD is starting school in Spetember but I have a DD nearly 8 months old so will have him to occupy me

pebbles1 Sun 23-Jan-05 22:47:05

sorry it is late meant to say September

pebbles1 Sun 23-Jan-05 22:48:36

Me again sorry I have just read the title and I am not a lone parent but if anyone lives close I would love to meet. I am in West Sussex

gingerbear Wed 02-Feb-05 04:26:59

welcome back maisystar, we have missed you!!

Aimsmum Wed 02-Feb-05 22:59:15

Message withdrawn

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