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Have you got life insurance?

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rickman Wed 12-Jan-05 16:06:34

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Wed 12-Jan-05 16:20:00

You'd have to talk to a financial adviser TBH. There are so many products you'd be hard pressed to choose the right one by yourself. If you choose an independant one rather than one tied to any particular company, you should get good rounded advice.

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 16:33:28

rickman, have a look at rebroke - we got a very good quote for term life assurance from them.

I don't think they do investment schemes though, but anyway you might be better with the cheapest possible life/critical illness cover, and a separate investment plan.

And/or, try Liverpool Victoria , they are often recommended on here (though I've never been able to get a quote because they don't like my cookies or something).

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