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best holiday on your own with children - do they exist???

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happynewessbee Sun 09-Jan-05 21:49:49

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 09-Jan-05 21:51:14

last year me and dh went to lake district for the weekend. it was lovely. very relaxing, and we actually just spent time chilling out and not worrying about kepping the kdis entertained like we usually do on holiday.

tiredemma Mon 10-Jan-05 07:29:01

how old are your kids?

we went to the hotel "sa marina" last year and are going again this year.
its in cala d'or - majorca.
beautiful hotel. it has kids club but age 4+
this is thier website

if that links works ill eat my hat, i can never do links!

tiredemma Mon 10-Jan-05 07:29:46

dont know what happened then!!!


hotel sa marina cala dor

scaltygirl Mon 10-Jan-05 17:41:52

Message withdrawn

MrsBigD Mon 10-Jan-05 17:44:45

happynewessbee... I've read about some Single Parent tour organisers who offer adventure hotels and activities for the kids and the parents have their peace and quiet... unfortunately I can't remember who the crowd was but probably if you do a search on Holidays for single parents with children you might find something.

crunchie Mon 10-Jan-05 17:53:18

Personally I am a big fan of camping holidays. Kids love it, with keycamp/eurocamp there is free childcare at most parcs. You can go in a mobile home if you like and single parents often get extra discounts. It depends if you want high season summer holidays, it can be expensive then.

Or camping in Cornwall in the summer can be brilliant with kids.

SecondhandRose Tue 11-Jan-05 14:07:18

Club Med Ibiza, great childcare they can stay for the morning or afternoon or all day if you like. On the beach, great food. Only problem is the price.

PlainFlum Tue 11-Jan-05 14:14:10

Are you single mum? There is a holiday company specifically aimed at single parents. CAn't remember name of it though.

mumski Tue 11-Jan-05 16:15:23

I think you might be thinking of 'Small Families'. I went on holiday with then to Cyprus last year with my 8 and 9 year old. I have to say every thing was fantastic. hotel/food/kids club/. The company is run by a husband and wife team and really look after you. They meet you at the airport and make sure everything runs smoothly. It also helps having somone to give a hand with all the suitcases! You can also have as much or as little time together with other single parents as you like. Their only 'rule' is everyone meets together for the evening meal, but this was fine and we always had a great time. I'm probably going again with them this year. They do have a website which is and no I'm not on comission!

essbee Thu 13-Jan-05 01:54:27

Message withdrawn

amylou Thu 13-Jan-05 15:56:09

I've just read about a website called and its for holidays of single parents getting together.. uk and abroad.. some seem really reasonable as they stay in youth hostels or bunk houses.. havent been with them but it did look good.

carolerl Tue 18-Jan-05 22:03:54

if you want to holiday in the UK (okay okay not warm!) but when my two were younger we had the most fantastic times at Crieff Hydro in Scotland. Great kids facilities and not as expensive as you might think, Did a great single parent package where kids were free (full board) and adult was half board. But huge breakfasts so that did me for the day. Loads of activities so I could either be with the kids or have some me time. Can't recommend it enough. You do have to call them direct for the single parent deal.

Caligula Tue 18-Jan-05 22:36:07

HNE, Gingerbread also do family breaks in Summer and at Christmas, but I think all UK based.

essbee Fri 28-Jan-05 22:11:20

Message withdrawn

honeypot01 Fri 08-Apr-05 18:02:49

I'm looking for hols to o for singleparents , i usually go away with my friend and kids but not this yr. Im not that good at going places on my own!! I have a Ds he is 3 1/2. Any ideas?

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