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New Year's Eve

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KateandtheElves Sun 26-Dec-04 14:21:12

I have been a single parent for 3 years. The first New Year's Eve I was with my dad and sisters in England. The past two years my SIL has had a party that I went to. But this year they will be away for New Year's Eve.

My kids are 5 and 2 and will be asleep long before midnight. What do I do? Go to bed at my usual bedtime and just ignore the fact that it's New Year's Eve, or stay up all by myself?

Either scenario is just too depressing to contemplate. How do you other single parents cope with it?

cranberryjampot Sun 26-Dec-04 14:22:29

Kate - do you have many friends over there who are alone (without partner) for NYE? maybe organise a party at your house and invite your neighbours over

KateandtheElves Sun 26-Dec-04 14:28:30

No single friends. All my friends are married with children, which is normally fine.

I guess I could think about having a party. I'll have to decide if I have the energy, but it might be more fun than the alternatives. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it some thought.

whowantstobeamillionare Sun 26-Dec-04 14:32:52

good idea cranberryjampot. If friends are already doing something, do you have a really close friend who you could invite over and offer a sleepover to her children...the children maybe pop down to toast the new year if awake..having a glass of wine and takeaway with a friend, a chat if it works sounds a nice way to spend new not a single parent but dh always goes to bed well before midnight and never any rate will be here to chat if you want to as other mn's will be for sure....hope you manage to sort something out...or spend all night on the phone of you're feeling lonely....Happy Christmasxxx

snowflakes Sun 26-Dec-04 14:34:45

Celebrate it your own way, have a lovelly night with the kids, put them to bed, run yourself a nice bath, with lots of bubble bath, get a bottle of your fav tipple, chocs and a great dvd and as you see the new year in think of all you and your children have and hope for in the new year, raise your glass and toast to yourself!

whowantstobeamillionare Sun 26-Dec-04 14:36:30

nice Snowflakes

WideWebWitch Sun 26-Dec-04 14:42:37

Kate, I'm not a lone parent but last year we went to bed at 10pm and were woken by fireworks at midnight. This year we're going to friends but if we weren't I think we'd be in bed by about 10.30pm as usual. Snowflake's idea sounds great though, I think indulging yourself sounds like a great way to celebrate a new year. Could you get a great film, allow yourself a wallow and a think about the past year and the new one in a scented bath and then go to bed feeling serene?

motherinfestivemood Sun 26-Dec-04 15:47:32

I'm not a single parent either, but I know what I used to do when I was a single not terribly happy thirty-something on a Saturday night in alone: treat myself to a new hardback novel - something that was just out - and read that, luxuriously, with a nice glass or three of wine. Reading is such a splendid and solo pleasure it worked brilliantly for me. Is that an option for you?

Dizzylizzy Sun 26-Dec-04 16:15:54

I'm not a lone parent, but DH will be working all over the New Year as he did chrismtas.

So I think I am going to put Snowflakes and motherinfestivemood into practice.

KateandtheElves Sun 26-Dec-04 17:27:15

Snowflake (et al), that might not be such a bad idea. If I think of it as being a night just for me, to drink wine, eat chocolate, read a book (I got a couple for Xmas that I want to read), have a good long bath, then it might not seem so bad to be home alone.

Thanks girls. I'm feeling better about it already.

cranberryjampot Sun 26-Dec-04 17:57:37

How about a "web-meet" if anyone has access to MSN and webcams ?

KateandtheElves Sun 26-Dec-04 17:59:02

I don't have either.

Loobie Sun 26-Dec-04 18:00:05

Me too ,I'll be all alone,the last 3 years i have gone out on the razz and mum has had the kiddies before that i was the one having the party,but since splitting with exp seem to have lost contact with most of our friends.Had a huge fall out,which will never be resolved,with mum in the summer,so she wont be having the kids and i am fast aproaching the reality that i will too be all alone on nye,if any of you single parents are near me come on round and we'll have a party with ourselves,or else we could arrange to meet up on messenger or something as the time comes round then maybe we wont feel so alone
Im in scotland btw if anyone wants to paryt with me.(that sounds like a really poor chat line sorry

KateandtheElves Sun 26-Dec-04 18:01:19

I'm in Florida, so I don't think we'll be able to party in person! (We're also 5 hours behind you.)

leglepartridge Sun 26-Dec-04 18:07:13

Hi Kate, I'm not a single parents, but I normally hate new years eve with a passion. Its the anti climax of it all, I don't enjoy them at all. In fact, I don't really know anyone who does! I used to think it would be so romantic to be in Times Square for NYEve, but my BIL lives there and he told me its rubbish, and you can't get anywhere near for love or money. We booked a last minute holiday but until then, we were staying in as its impossible to find babysitters and I was going to be totally happy with a bottle of champagne and an early night. Snowflakes idea sounds marvellous, you have a great night x

cranberryjampot Sun 26-Dec-04 18:07:35

Kate - I for one will get up at quarter to five to see the new year in with you

KateandtheElves Sun 26-Dec-04 18:08:04

Aawwww Jampot!

whowantstobeamillionare Sun 26-Dec-04 18:10:47

me too

KateandtheElves Sun 26-Dec-04 18:14:23

sallyhollyberry Sun 26-Dec-04 18:15:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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