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Bah Humbug Blues

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fairyfly Wed 22-Dec-04 11:12:04

I am sitting in a corner and crying for the best part of the day, and the most insane, irrational,impossible sentence keeps coming out and it is i just want him to come home. F'ing hate feeling like this, f'ing hate christmas and in the biggest self pitying, weak, languorous spirit i am turning into i f'ing hate my life.
Happy Christmas

pixiefish Wed 22-Dec-04 11:39:51

{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}} don't know what else to say ff...

fairyfly Wed 22-Dec-04 12:09:40

Thanks for answering Pixie, hope you have a good one

saintnikcolas Wed 22-Dec-04 12:22:06

are u still there ff xxxxxxxxxxx

pixiefish Wed 22-Dec-04 12:27:33

and you ff. hope we manage to raise a smile on your face today- stay with us and something's bound to make you laugh. Imagine- the pixiefish, in the rain trying to cut grass that hasn't been cut since last August, slipping all over the place. HAD to do it cos I'm fed up of not being able to clear the dog poo up and lazy dh hasn't cut it since the summer

karenanne Thu 23-Dec-04 09:56:21

hugs ff ,im going throught the same thing ,feel ok one day then down the next .split first in september then been on and off till its mine and kids first xmas without him.hes coming xmas morning and im dreading it ,i know thats going to be a bad day for me.we're still friends but that doesnt make it any easier.
im trying to be all happy etc for the kids and most of the time it works but everyso often i have a 'wallow' time where its just me and i wallow in how i feel.usually in the bath when the kids are in bed lol i find the more i do this the less i need to do it .it does help.
i hope you feel better soon,take care

fairyfly Thu 23-Dec-04 12:31:39

Pixiefish, hope you survived x Hope also your alright Nikcola.
Kare, don't know what to say, its a hard time for all of us im sure. I realise worse can happen but the feelings are overwhelming and hurt so much. I know though in two weeks time we will have done it and be even stronger.

Flumberrysauce Thu 23-Dec-04 12:32:40

Oh Gawd. Bless you. Crying is v. cathartic in any case.

Flumberrysauce Thu 23-Dec-04 12:33:17

Any light in your tunnel today?

fairyfly Thu 23-Dec-04 12:37:23

A huge light, my brother just rang and asked if i would like donkeykong for my game cube as a present. Really didn't think he realised i was kicking my kids away to play games. Its the simple things

pixiefish Thu 23-Dec-04 13:16:20

Haven't touched my gamecube since before dd was born don't have time.

Have you tried phantasy star online- excellent and no end really to it.

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