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do you eat at same time as your babies?

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subs Mon 29-Nov-04 19:59:28

thats it really - just wondered as i now eat breakfast at 7, lunch at 11.30 and supper at 5pm so can eat with my dd - and seem naturally hungry at this time - seems no point in changing as lovely to eat together and no-one to wait for
am i alone in this?

tammybear Mon 29-Nov-04 20:04:29

i eat dinner at the same time as dd as i usually dont feel hungry when dd has brekkie or lunch. but we dont always have the same thing to eat. dd can be very picky!

joash Mon 29-Nov-04 20:25:13

Try to make sure that I eat at least one meal a day with grandson - lunch or dinner.
Like to have breakfast once he's been fed, dressed and is playing happily - give me time to read the paper, etc.

mammya Mon 29-Nov-04 20:37:27


AussieSim Mon 29-Nov-04 20:43:52

Breakfast and lunh yeah, but in the evening DH gets home a bit late, consequently DS sometimes has an early and later tea. I used to wait till he went to bed, but that has gone out the window.

subs Mon 29-Nov-04 20:45:10

so - to all the "yeses" - have you changed what you eat?

mammya Mon 29-Nov-04 21:03:19

Subs, I still eat the same things on the whole, except hardly ever potatoes as dd doesn't like them unless they're chips, crisps or waffles, and I never used to eat fish fingers before! Oh and also I use much less chillies in my cooking and hardly any salt at all.

Caligula Mon 29-Nov-04 21:03:37

Yes and No

I eat at the same time as them now, but cook what I would have done anyway, slightly adapted sometimes.

Went out to a restaurant for the first time in months the other night and was starving by 7.30 because of not having eaten at 5!

Maudy Mon 29-Nov-04 21:08:26

only at weekends as I work full time and get home too late.
Breakfast - Work
Lunch - Work
Dinner - when they are in bed.

Lizita Tue 02-Aug-05 15:21:33

i know i know this is an OLD thread but was browsing & have wondered about this eating thing myself.
I eat with dd, and usually exactly what she eats even though she's quite fussy! I get frustrated because I would like to actually eat more, and in the evenings I usually get very hungry, but as I plan our weeks' meals I ALWAYS forget to add stuff for myself. And if i have time without dd I always find myself with nothing to eat. I just naturally think only of her....

I have to say, i think dd's eating has got better since I started eating with her. (she's always had a tiny appetite).

I hadn't touched peas all my life, always said i hated, hated, hated them, but i now eat peas quite happily! Baked beans I've also added to my diet, didn't particularly hate them before but wasn't particularly fond of them either.

loupylou Sat 06-Aug-05 18:15:32

I eat with my dd, think it's about trying to set the right example, but have tv in in background so probably isn't as successful as i think. Does mean i eat breakfast though, bt then tend to snack when she's in bed!

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