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Breastfeeding irk..

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loopyapp Fri 22-Jan-21 16:54:42

Anyone else's breastfed baby insist on swapping sides a good 3 or 4 times a feed?

Hes 9 months old and is definitely drinking milk in large moutfuls on each side so not a flow of quantity issue. It genuinely seems to be preference.

He'll indicate he wants milk, I pop him on the opposite side he finished on last time, few minutes in he pulls off and will get increasingly angry until the other side is offered. If i try and insist he finish on the side he started with he will absolutely wail his head off and refuse to latch back on. This pattern continues a further 2 or 3 times as the feed goes on until hes satisfied and indicates as much.

What the heck is this!!!!! Hes my 4th, all bf till toddlers.. What is he doing haha!!

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Babyiskickingmyribs Fri 22-Jan-21 18:21:51

Can’t help you I’m afraid. My 1yr old now insists on having both sides available before he even starts feeding, so he can go back and forth three million times. Luckily he mostly manages on just a morning and evening feed now (and the odd, ‘I bumped my head mummy I need cuddles and milk’ kind of feed).

radiateforme Fri 22-Jan-21 18:33:57

My two year old still does this. Has to have one boob in his mouth, other one available for twiddling otherwise he gets frustrated. Swaps every 30 seconds or so. It's very cute

loopyapp Fri 22-Jan-21 19:48:45

Ahh well it's good to know it isn't just us haha!!! He doesn't twiddle the other side just insists that he can feed on any boob he pleases as and when he wants hah!!

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