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family court gameplaying ex

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Halloweenrainbow Wed 04-Nov-20 22:04:06

Ex claiming that I won't allow contact with 2 year old despite several attempts on my behalf to arrange. I arrange it then he cancels and then goes to solicitor claiming that I'm obstructing contact. Been going on for 2 years. So it's escalated to the point of court (for no good reason in my opinion). It just seems like he's dragging me to court just because he can. He's made more effort to stay in contact with his solicitor than he has with his own daughter. Haven't heard from him once throughout the whole Covid crisis except the legal letter. Anyone else been to court in a situation like this? Would love to hear your experiences.

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AIMD Thu 05-Nov-20 09:05:12

I haven’t been through the courts re contact.
I assume your communication with his is in writing? If not I’d do all future communication by text and email so you have a paper trail of how he has responded, or cancelled contact etc.

Sorry it sounds so hardwork putting up with someone like that. Hopefully the court see through his manipulation of the facts.

Starlightstarbright1 Thu 05-Nov-20 12:19:26

I would say the same...

I woudl send an email. statign you have offered contact on .... , and ... and ...
you cancelled didn't show.

Did he ever meet your DD ?
Regardless sounds like an absence.

Due to long time since contact and age. Contact needs to be built up..Please reply via email how we can build up contact.. You have it in writing.

Any cancellations document.... reason , date..As previous poster said all communication in text or email.. Remember anything you email he can also use so think before you send anything. You don't need to reply to any mesage immediately.

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