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Supervised contact in Edinburgh

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Awumba Tue 22-Sep-20 08:47:01

Hi - trying to find out more about supervised contact centres in Edinburgh please. I hope someone has some experiences to share.

My children have limited supervised contact with their father where we currently live (not in Scotland), which is court ordered and agreed by social services. They attend a state funded contact centre. My understanding is that there is one contact centre only in Edinburgh, and it needs to be funded by the parents. It sounded very expensive (I understand why).

Social services in Edinburgh would not speak to me about options as I dont currently live there. A bit of a catch 22 as I cant apply to leave my current location without providing a way for the children to continue supervised contact with their father. The children's father has so far refused me permission to leave the country to re-establish our life back home in Scotland, where we are from, so I have been forced to make a court application.

Any experiences or info you have would be great.....thank you 😊

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