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Anyone else's NRP exes live abroad?

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GravityFalls Wed 10-Jun-20 12:21:11

My exH lives in the Middle East - he teaches over there so usually comes over at Christmas, Easter, May half-term and takes the DC abroad during the summer. It works out at the equivalent of one overnight a week over the course of the year.

This year he can't travel here (because it would be 14 days quarantine on arrival here and another 14 days on return to his country, mandated in a hotel at the traveller's expense!) and of course they can't go there for the same reasons.

So that will end up being over six months that they're with me and obviously it's all day every day! Argh! I mean, it's OK really, we get on fine and my boyfriend has moved in during lockdown (we've been together 3 years so this isn't something sprung on the DC) and I do get help, but not having that prospect of the lovely child-free break I usually have in the summer is making me feel very flat and tired. They love their long holiday with Daddy, I love two or three weeks of lie-ins, pubs and days doing what I please!

Anyone else who can sympathise?

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Muppetry76 Wed 10-Jun-20 22:07:39

Mine lives much closer, in the UK but hasn't had the kids overnight in over a year, usually just twice a year anyway. A long way from EOW plus half holidays which it started out as.

I get you OP. A pub lunch without the kids in tow, bliss...

PumpkinP Wed 10-Jun-20 23:36:55

My ex isn’t abroad but he is absent and hasn’t seen the kids in 3 years. So definitely know where you are coming from. The lack of school doesn’t help when it’s the only break!

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