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Pramface Mansion

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000Laura000 Thu 20-Sep-07 16:06:07

I think this is real...?

Anyone fancy it?

Theclosetpagan Thu 20-Sep-07 16:10:29

Appalling title of the show.

almostmidnight Thu 20-Sep-07 20:42:47

Absolutely no way, it will end up like a Big Brother kind of thing with everyone bitching etc. Would not lower myself.

000Laura000 Thu 20-Sep-07 21:20:13

I know, appalling. The amazing this is that people will actually go on it... and people will also watch it!

Pramfacequeen Mon 21-Jan-08 20:06:53

Message withdrawn

Pramfacequeen Mon 21-Jan-08 20:09:50

Message withdrawn

Alambil Mon 21-Jan-08 23:55:20

"all you single mums" - nice! Are you not single then, if you've been on it?

I think it is going to be hell on earth! No way would I go on there lol - can't share my space with anyone easily

agnesnitt Tue 22-Jan-08 14:14:48

How patronising does that sound? I think the person who wrote the article needs to get their head out of their own rectum. There are a lot of mums who can;t cope, regardless of their relationship status. Utter twaddle. More proof that the BBC is being eroded by people who think that crap is entertaining.


shedev Tue 22-Jan-08 19:03:32

I was one of those single mums that filmed this programme, the programme was set up to see if single mums living together would work and how it would benifit us, ie sharing childcare, sharing housework and earning money so we don't depend on the state. so before you judge I think you should think of the benifits and lessons learned from this programme. I certainly learned alot from this programme and so did my son.

agnesnitt Tue 22-Jan-08 20:54:13

There are two things that I find disrespectful about the programme premise:

1) That it's just lone parents who can;t cope, and only female ones at that. Wonderful reinforcement of a couple of stereotypes there. Excellent use of the licence fee. Or not, if you consider that every new mum could probably do with a good support network and the chance of some shared childcare.

2) 'Pramface'? Good grief. If anybody even whispered that in my hearing they'd get a large helping of the sharper side of my tongue. It's a vile and utterly unsuitable derogatory term that has no place in polite company.

I normally like the output from the BBC, but this just reinforces my theory that reality television is destroying creative programming.

There's so much more that could be said, but I'm not in the mood to get myself angry for little reason.


shedev Wed 23-Jan-08 23:05:47

Agnes, your judging it before it even begins, yes all mothers can do with help, but it's even harder when your on your own.......Pramface is a judgement on young single mums, and we are out to tackle that!! It's people like you that are quick to judge that we are trying to educate........Who says the programme doesn't look at single dads too?? I think someone should stop judging too quickly, think of the concept of the programme, can it help single parents if we lived communaly??? I suggest if you are not a single Mum and not coping, having you partner to talk to, must be a comfort for you????

Alambil Wed 23-Jan-08 23:18:03

don't you think the show, by it's very title is offensive though?

they could have called it a less derogatory word IMO

shedev Thu 24-Jan-08 12:01:19

Thats the whole idea!!! It's to challenge the horrid word that us single mums do get called!! If you watch the programme i hope we do single mums proud?? It was difficult, there were bitching and things that went wrong, but thats the whole point of an experiment!! xx

agnesnitt Thu 24-Jan-08 20:41:47

I am single, I am a mum and I have more problems than I could care to list on here.

I am offended by it as a word as it is indicative of a very small minority of mums, not just those who are single. Around these parts 'pramface' is akin to being called a 'pram-whore' and indicates that you are nothing more than your pram. It has nothing to do with your relationship status, more your socio-economic status.

The BBC could have used a few researchers to think of a suitable name, instead they decided to go for the shock factor with an attention grabbing insult. It's not 'taking back a name' it's degrading, plain and simple.


nametaken Thu 24-Jan-08 21:30:19

Can I just say to the two women on this thread who say that they are on this programme

have you actually seen the finished product that is going to be broadcast. I bet you've been done up like a kipper as my Dad used to say.

I bet it won't portray you in a positive light. In fact, I'll donate £10 to a charity of your choice if I'm wrong.

PurpleOne Fri 25-Jan-08 00:10:25

Disgusting title for a programme IMVHO


I've been a single mum (not by choice) for 6 years now, my eldest DD is 13 this year.

I find 'this' really offensive.

You know I never watch channel 5, this week I did, for the last prog of 'so you can think you can be a single parent'. Really enjoyed it.

But typical of the BBC really. Take our license money, charge us a fortune to watch crap for the year and then be really insulted and patronised in the process!

Nametaken, hell I'll give all of my Income Support money to charity, if the patronising BBC are wrong with their programming for once.
(My money will be going to Refuge cause that's what made me a single mum in the first place!)

PurpleOne Fri 25-Jan-08 00:13:08

Pramfacequeen and shedev......are you single mums by any chance?

Or are you snuggled up with Dps and Dhs every night, family on hand, bessie mate around the corner?

colditz Fri 25-Jan-08 00:17:09

If you could see my face right now, you would assume someone had smeared cat faeces in my nostrils ... that's how I feel about this idea.


I hate to break it to you ladies, but this is how a large section of society thinks of single mothers .... and this program is hardly going to discourage that stereotype - it even makes sure that those who didn't know the term "Pramface" certainly know about it now!

PurpleOne Fri 25-Jan-08 00:26:10

*wants to see Colditz's face smeared in cats faeces*!!!

Thanks for letting me know about that, I never knew!

What is so wrong about single mums / dads anyway? We're doing a double job.

That sounds totally disgusting! I don't even push a pram anymore! wink

lostdad Fri 25-Jan-08 09:06:02

`I hate to break it to you ladies, but this is how a large section of society thinks of single mothers'.

Some people probably do.

However the irony isn't lost on me that my ex will be telling the world about how hard it is being a single mother while simultaenously doing her best to stop me caring for our son because I can't care for him as well as she can.hmm

nametaken Fri 25-Jan-08 10:23:00

I doubt very much whether pramfacequeen is a single mum. The comment "all you single mums" says that she isn't one.

It's my guess she's some kind of rogue placed in the "mansion" to cause trouble.

I am not a single mum but I can't let this go without comment. I urge all of you not to watch this programme or discuss it. That is what the programme makers want. If you want my advice (gonna give it to you anyway even if you don't) I recommend you completely ignore this programme and let it pass without any comment whatsoever.

It's true, a large section of society thinks badly of single mothers. One would think that as they become more common they would become more acceptable and normal, but strangly, the opposite seems to have happened.

What an easy group to pick on (and they are being picked on). Oh lets all have a jab at single mums, there an easy target and of course there's no men around to stick up for them.

Lostdad, I take it your ex is on the programme otherwise she wouldn't be able to tell the world things. Why don't you care for your son as well as she does?

nametaken Fri 25-Jan-08 10:24:03

strangely, not strangly

PersephoneSnape Fri 25-Jan-08 11:45:32

it's just lowest common denominator reality TV shite. I wouldn't waste my time watching it when i could be reading a book or watching something that i feel my licence fee actually contributes towards - which isn't much.

'it was difficult, there was bitching, things went wrong' oh really? because harmony and people getting on just fine would make pretty dull TV wouldn't it.

and the term 'pramface' is SO derogatory - it's an awful term generally used to describe younger single mums. i have no interest in reclaiming it and trying to put a positive spin on it.

Alambil Fri 25-Jan-08 12:11:58

I don't think there all words can be reclaimed - some are just derrogatory and will remain so, however much people try to change it (nig*er for example remains derogatory)

This has been set up to show single parents in a bad light - it is obvious. Clearly we can't cope because we are alone; we must lose our rag more often with our kids or others because we are alone, we just MUST be awful parents because we are young (I was 19 when I had DS).... of course... how could we ever aspire to be anything different.

What a crap programme - I won't be watching it if it ever airs.

shedev Fri 25-Jan-08 19:32:46

Judge judge judge, negitive negitive negitive, i feel so sorry for all your kids, what a bunch of judgmental, negitive people.........................God help if your children choose to do something a little different from the norm!!!

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