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uh - oh

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prettyfly1 Sun 16-Sep-07 19:17:23

for those of you who know me on here, you know i have been a single mum since i was pregnant. v complicated but sons father was with someone else (dont judge if you dont know the situation - its a very long story and i dont really want to go into it all again). anyways i have just found out that they are no longer together, apparently she has known for a long time about my son and banned him from seeing him - he spoke about having tried to contact me and i am petrified he is about to come into his life. I know its wrong but i am so not up for that. the guy is a walking nightmare. my boy is very strong willed and really should have a relationship with his father but we are finally in some sort of routine and he is a happy healthy little boy - what do other women do in this situation? All this after he dragged me through a dna test i begged him not to start and ignored us for years. aaarrrrrgggggghhh. of course this could all be me being paranoid and he will carry on being an absentee father however i just cant shake the nagging feeling that i am not wrong.

PillockOfTheCommunity Sun 16-Sep-07 19:56:41

calm down smile
I know it is really difficult but I think you are just gonna have to wait and see I'm afraid, and then try really hard to think about what is right for your ds. I know how difficult it can be (would be so pleased for me if ds2's father disappeared, but know it would be wrong for ds2)sad

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