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WHY DO I FEEL LOST..........

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mojosmum Sat 15-Sep-07 13:56:52

as most of you know i met my new partner nearly 3wks ago & things are going great but as i was single for a few yrs before i met him i always felt my place was as a single mum but my friend now say i cant used that title so what exactly is my title who & what an i????

this may sound really silly but i just feel lost

lou33 Sat 15-Sep-07 13:58:37

why are you not a single mum? you have only known him a few weeks, has he moved in and taken on the responsibility of hte kids with you?

mojosmum Sat 15-Sep-07 14:48:22

no hes not moved in he & dd get on well but she still has her dad i thought i would always be a single parent to dd as i am the only biological parent she lives with thats how i see it but my friend seems to think that means im not committed to dp its just confused me maybe thats just cos im a dizzy blonde lol

teuch Sat 15-Sep-07 14:51:47

soudns like your friend is a bit troublesome [hmmm] why would she be planting seeds of doubt so early in your relationship?...

Anyway, I'd say until there are two adults in your home, actively parenting, then you remain a single parent.

On the other hand, my sister doesn't refer to herself as a single parent at all...she and her husband split up but they are both still 'actively parenting' - they just live in separate houses.

So that's cleared that up then?! [hmmm] grin

lou33 Sat 15-Sep-07 15:02:11

i would consider you a single parent still then

KerryMum Sat 15-Sep-07 15:04:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

XcupcakemummyX Sat 15-Sep-07 15:13:40

i still feel like a single mum and i remarried

lou33 Sat 15-Sep-07 15:23:24

as far as i am concerned i am a single mum unless the person i am seeing moves in and is taking an active part in the upbringing and responsibility of raising my family, regardless of how long i might be seeing htem

mojosmum Sat 15-Sep-07 15:27:29

Thanks everyone for that i do feel im a single parent dp & dd get on really will be he has not responsibility think that would be so wrong at this early stage for us

Tinkerbel5 Sat 15-Sep-07 16:17:52

you are still a single mum as you are bringing up a child on your own, having a bf doesnt come into it as im sure he isnt helping you raise your child, you are a single parent until the time comes when you have someone living with you.

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