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Help me understand how I feel

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Singlemum31 Thu 16-Apr-20 13:00:21

Mintjulia think that's so right he's lost track of what's true and not. He's on my case even more now, still ignoring him. This is what drives me mad tho. If he stopped going on at me, and met someone I would be OK. But him going on like this everyday is headfucky even if I do ignore him.

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Mintjulia Thu 16-Apr-20 09:36:20

He’s judging you by his own shabby standards, he would always have at least one woman on the go, so therefore you must have a man tucked away somewhere. Ignore him, it’s so long since he told the truth, he’s forgotten what it is.

With that many years and two children invested, of course you are hurt and sad, but you really have made the best decision. You deserve much much better flowers

Annaminna Thu 16-Apr-20 09:24:06

its called "lying into you face"

Singlemum31 Wed 15-Apr-20 12:50:43

Thank you ladies, I've ignored him today and will carry on doing so. Think your right he started this morning with I added her beacused u added someone I don't like which is alot of nonsense. Blaming me for his actions. It does hurt, I'm very good at not showing him when he hurts me but showed it all last night. I just can't see how you tell me everyday u love me but add and talk to every single women in the area.....

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Annaminna Wed 15-Apr-20 11:40:07

All his actions are to hurt you and control you.
Of course this hurts.

Pinkyxx Wed 15-Apr-20 11:29:44

It's completely normal to feel the way you describe. Betrayal is a powerful emotion, and it cuts deep. Infidelity hurts, whether you still want to be with the person or not. Dishonesty as well. I suppose it's the rejection? It's confusing to feel this way, but completely normal.

He's trying to turn this on you / bait you.. trying to get you to admit infidelity, don't engage, it's a road leading to no where... he's looking for an excuse / permission to be angry at you and blame you.

Sounds like you did the right thing walking, you deserve much better.

Singlemum31 Wed 15-Apr-20 01:38:28

And has sad has it sounds hurt he added her. When someone fills ya head with how much they care everyday even tho I don't reply to him reading it knowing he says it all, but then do the opposite actions wise, it's all just a big head fuxk.

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Singlemum31 Wed 15-Apr-20 01:31:50

Hello all, I need help has to why I am feeling so hurt by ex. Bit of background, together 6years two kids together. Broke up at Xmas. I know I don't want to be with him but I have lost it tonight. He texts me constantly 99%of the it's about how much he misses us n loves us, I don't reply unless about girls but tonight I did reply and its gone exactly how I knew it would.
Both fighting him telling me I need to tell the truth and tell him who I am with..... I'm not with anyone but this is where I lost it. I was faithful to that man for 6 nearly 7 years, he can't say the same. He added one of his 'friends' on fb a few weeks ago I laughed about it. But I brought it up tonight only cos he was going on about me. I'm not with anyone now or have a desire to be with anyone right now. And he's telling me to tell the truth When's he running back to her.. Has u can tell I'm sooo bothered by all of this. I don't love him I don't want to be with him but this all hurts. Is this normal to still feel like this. Sorry its all over the place I just don't understand how I feel. I'm dreading when this lock down is over and we have to see each other. That's how much I don't wanna be with him and yet I am hurt by all of this mess. 😞

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