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Visitation during lockdown

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Tentoes21 Fri 03-Apr-20 13:18:51

Thanks for advice everyone.
It helps to know what others are doing.
I do want to keep things as they are for now, but he’s not happy with how much contact he currently has. Not sure what next steps are if he doesn’t accept my POV

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Starlight456 Thu 02-Apr-20 22:33:45

I would keep things as they are for now.. its not a great time for changning anything.

I would tell him the world is upside down and when things settle you will definitely work towards moving things forward.

MsJaneAusten Thu 02-Apr-20 14:28:51

Exactly the same as @3xcookedchips

We only recently separated too, but are treating ourselves as one ‘household’. Neither of us are seeing anyone else - timing it so that we shop on the same day even so that our exposure is limited. Kids moving between the two homes as ‘usual’.

3xcookedchips Thu 02-Apr-20 14:24:34

Yup - following the schedule - because both households are social distancing....The family unit just so happens to have two homes our child can move freely between.

Tentoes21 Thu 02-Apr-20 13:18:35

Hello MNs
Hope all are keeping safe and well.

Some advice needed if possible...
Am recently separated.
He moved out a month ago. Since then he’s visited toddler daughter here, twice a week (one teatime, one daytime)
He’s always wanted more time
And is pushing for it now / imminently.

I’m unclear on what latest guidance is for visitation during corona.
Last I read, children from separate
d families were allowed by government guidelines to continue between both parents. That was about a week ago tho
So he’s still been coming here, tho not daughter to him.

I feel uneasy about him visiting twice a week and then us all dispersing until next visit.

He will feel I’m using corona as an excuse to stick to the two visits / delay increasing visits. But I want to keep us and everyone safe. I also want our toddler to see her dad enough.

me and daughter are isolating but still going for walks and shops as little as possible. Ex is working from his garden office and doing the same (only exercise and shops)

Anyone in a similar boat / changed contact due to corona / have any pointers to guidance / official things?

Thanks all 🙏 x

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