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Everything is just getting on top of me now!

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tetti Tue 11-Sep-07 18:25:20

Sorry,but I need to have a rant!
Trying to find another flat for me and my daughter (as me and my partner split recently).
She needs her own room,so I've been flathunting like mad.
Yesterday we saw a place which wasn't even fit for animals to live in,holes in the walls,holes in the carpet,and for that they wanted a grand a month!
So we viewed another place, a lovely house in a great area for alot less,recently built,absolutely lovely inside.
The problem? I am self employed,and although I can afford it and have all the documents to back that up,shining references etc it was no good,they need a guarantor.
The old in laws offered to help out by being guarantors,so far so good,they are retired but quite well off.
The problem? They are retired and not in ft employment! argh!!!
The letting agents told me that may pose a problem,but have asked them to fill in the required documents and they will see how it goes.
The problem? When I first viewed it they said I could move in,so I gave my curent letting agents my 1 month notice!
I am so stressed out at the moment that I feel like I'm going mad,if they decide that the old inlaws aren't good enough in their eyes to guarantee the rent,we'll be homeless in a month!
This is just not my day!

dustystar Tue 11-Sep-07 18:34:21

No advice but [hugs].

I hope they accept them

dustystar Tue 11-Sep-07 18:35:12

Don't know what happened thereblush

Wisteria Tue 11-Sep-07 18:37:39

Tetti - can't help, as would need to be a millionaire to afford the rent and our mortgage but I really hope it works out for you and they accept you (((hugs)))

tetti Tue 11-Sep-07 19:19:43

I think I better view some more places just in case,only problem is that finding a good one is like looking for a needle in a haystack:-)

Tinkerbel5 Wed 12-Sep-07 10:00:31

tetti I think now that all letting agents ask for a credit check to be done, the only way round it might be too do it privately by looking in your local rag, if you do have problems go down to the council and have a chat with a homeless officer and they might be able to pull some strings, good luck.

tetti Wed 12-Sep-07 18:01:32

If this fails,I know that my current letting agents don't have as strict searches(and they know that for 7 years i have been a great tenant),I also know of another few that are the same,they just don't have any 2 bed flats right now.One just have to keep hassling them!
The council isn't an otpion as they have 150.000 on their waiting list(and there's no way I'd let us end up in a hostel,that isn't an option at all)
But,I am sure things will work out eventually,I hope so anyway.

tetti Thu 13-Sep-07 20:50:29

I got the place,YES!!!!!!
Time to look to the future:-)

beller Fri 14-Sep-07 10:41:33

yayyyyyyy! well done Tetti xx Sigh of relief x

tetti Wed 19-Sep-07 14:05:55

This whole moving lark is sooo frustrating!!!
Ok,last week the agents said everyhting was in hand,the finances were sorted and I was told that I could hand the notice in to my current letting agents.Everyhting in hand,I thought.
then today when I called the agent to book an appointment to sign the contract,he said that he just needed the final nod from his client.What?! You blooming told me that the place was mine a week ago!
All the references has been checked,all the finances are in place,what more do they need?!
I hope it's just all a formality,but this waiting is driving me nuts!
We're due to move out in 2 weeks time,and if this (for some reason totally beyond me) fell through,we'd really be in shitcreek,so to speak.
I have contacted the agent to get him to speed things up as I need to know NOW for sure that the place is indeed ours(hope he does it today,not next week!!!).Frustrating just isn't the word!

CheshireMummy Fri 21-Sep-07 19:12:08

Hi Tetti. I am in same boat. I had my solicitor draw up a letter detailling my financial position and that seemed to pacify all.

I too have viewed some appalling places that the tenants must have passed checks to live there !!!??? Just leaves you speechless doesn't it !

tetti Sat 22-Sep-07 22:30:46

That's an idea (the solicitors letter),what did he put in it?
Maybe that would work for me too..

Viewed a place yesterday,and my god,how anyone could possibly want to live there is beyond me.Dingy is a great understatement!
I guess hailing from Scandinavia wher the living standard is far higher than here(you just would not be able to let some of places like the ones that I have viewed here.Correction,they don't exist(!),I just never cease to be amazed.
Had it not been for my daughter going to an excellent school here,and the fact that she needs to see her dad,then I definetly would have seriously considered us moving back.

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