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Self isolating.

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SD1978 Mon 16-Mar-20 07:27:05

How is this going to work? We have a custody agreement- I have a genuine concern he's going to keep child based on the 14 days self isolating/ lockdown idea, whereas I'd rather continue with the legal arrangement and have her continue as is. Anyone else been wondering how the hell this is going to work?

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GirlInTheDirtyShirt Mon 16-Mar-20 07:35:06

Hi! I’m in Spain and we’re currently on full lockdown, no leaving the house unless strictly necessary and police and army enforcing that. However as long as the child doesn’t share a home with a quarantined ill person or with someone in a risk group (elderly, immunocompromised), and as long as there’s an actual need for them to go to the other parent’s house (ie work commitments) they can still be taken to the other parents’ house as per custody arrangements, only by car though. However because children are super spreaders (they can be asymptomatic and still pass on bugs) the advice is to use common sense and reduce movements as much as possible, so many people aren’t continuing with the custody arrangements while this situation continues. My son’s father and I agreed he’d stay with me and just do videocalls, for example. It’s difficult but these are unprecedented times and our hospitals are overrun. Obviously the UK will likely do things differently but just to give you the Spanish perspective.

Maxhiggins Mon 16-Mar-20 11:39:52

Surely isolation at either yours or his IF required needs to trump court arrangement

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