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How soon can ex take me to court AGAIN?

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Quistis Sun 01-Mar-20 20:40:24

Hello! I was wondering if there are any restrictions on the frequency of a bitter ex being able to drag me back to court? We had a child arrangement order in place for 2 years before he tried his hand at getting 50/50 again, and just the other day the original 40/60 order was held up on court (and actually some more restrictions put in place as a result of his unreasonable behaviour).

But on the same day that we attended court, after hearing the magistrates talk about how we need to start working together for the sake of the kids, he texts me saying "THIS ISN'T OVER" and says he's going to apply to the court again ASAP.

How soon is he allowed to do this? Are there any restrictions? I know we don't have any on the order we've got. Just wondered if there are rules about this sort of thing.


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PreppingPrat Sun 01-Mar-20 20:48:42

I'm not in England but my ex started new proceedings within a month of his previous case concluding, and having all his demands refused. I have been in court over 30 times. In my case it is more about him trying to bankrupt me. I don't know how it works in England flowers

snowdaynoday Sun 01-Mar-20 22:10:27

He has to first get permission to apply plus if nothing has changed and it's not in the best interest for the dc it will not go far.
Because basically he's saying that he didn't agree with the judge and their decision so he wants another.

Also rep yourself. Don't waste money, I know it's important to protect your dc but it shows how he doesn't want to work with you and he doesn't like following instructions.

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