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Investigating after section 7 hearing

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Marley040783 Thu 20-Feb-20 10:37:57

So 2nd court hearing adjourned again with access denied to father again as father disputed facts on section 7 statement from Local authorities and DAPP about him so the magistrates adjourned for Cafcass to follow up what father had said with both LA again even though there report was recent. Has anyone had this before for another hearing after section 7, court granted me child arrangement order lives with.

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Pinkyxx Sun 23-Feb-20 15:51:19

A section 7 is normally done where welfare concerns exist and the court wants these looked at it more detail to provide an independent assessment of the situation. I had similar and Father also disputed findings, which led to another adjournment to look at these facts. I also had a residence order granted already at that point.

Thereafter, there were more reviews, followed by another hearing at which contact was settled.

Was the father having contact before the section 7?

Marley040783 Sun 23-Feb-20 18:03:12

No, it’s been no contact as per Cafcass and court since the first hearing last year, this is because of a situation with his other child resulting in a section 47 and s20 order he is deemed a risk , so since our section 7 and facts in it from local authorities about him he said it was incorrect so we got adjourned again. He is only allowed supervised with his other child. @Pinkyxx

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Pinkyxx Sun 23-Feb-20 18:40:28

Given the section 47 & s 20 orders on his other child (which I assume is not your child), I would think the recent post section 7 adjournment is down to his disputing the facts and nothing more, and until they can clarify around the facts they don't want to make any decisions which might place your child at risk.

I'm so sorry you're going through all this, it's incredibly hard. My case was not to the level yours is, yet the whole procedure was more than I could cope with. Do you have any support for you & your child?

Marley040783 Sun 23-Feb-20 19:34:09

@Pinkyxx no not mine, we have to involvement with social services, it's very hard because there are pages on section 7 on his mental health, police records etc yet all these courses he has had to do (domestic abuse perp program, parenting courses) he's claiming he's really learnt and changed yet still denying the truth around his behaviour and actions towards the non subject to my case which how is he learning if he still says she is lying. He lied in his witness statement which was mentioned in the section 7 which said Cafcass can not recommend access so I am really hoping it stays that way on the final report as nothing has changed. I have lots of support from friends and family family thank you ❤️.

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Marley040783 Sun 23-Feb-20 19:35:13

*no involvement

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Pinkyxx Sun 23-Feb-20 20:44:19

Hugs to you, and your child. I'm glad you're un-involved with SS, the periphery is bad enough but being in the middle of it all is even worse. People will often claim they've learnt yet in the same breath show how little they have.. it is a hallmark to place the blame or otherwise shift the spotlight to the other party as well as lie. Sadly these things are only too familiar to me. Only very rarely do they actually take responsibility for their actions.. which makes meaningful change very hard to achieve. It's encouraging that the courts seem to be doing everything they can to protect your child. It's interesting that he has supervised access to the other child, but none to yours. Do you have any sense of whether they want to have some form of contact, even if indirect for your child?

Marley040783 Sun 23-Feb-20 21:19:08

It's such a messy complicated situation isn't it, supervised is nothing to do with court it was agreed with the family member she now lives with and social services because he is in a relationship with the child's mum so it's the only way she gets to see her mum is agree for him to go too otherwise he stops the mum going , very controlling.
Obviously Cafcass are safeguarding my girl and I'm doing through the court but social services wrote a very honest clear statement for me saying they did not recommend any contact as he is a risk and Cafcass agreed.
They asked me how I felt about supervised, I said it makes me sad as my girl does not deserve to be sat in some contact centre but she said she dint recommend it anyway.. really don't know what will happen, I've read the final hearings you swear on oath which would be great as all his lies I have evidence to call him out with.

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Pinkyxx Sun 23-Feb-20 22:41:39

It's all so tragic and messy. He sounds very controlling, and evidently has not learnt one bit from the DV course. I agree with you on the contact center, it seems so very unfair on a child. I'm not sure how old your DD is but I would think it's incredibly hard for a young child to understand and confusing as they get older. Children deserve to be protected from these things. There are some many things going on with the other situation, it just seems like a perfect storm to put your child in. I hope for your & your DD sake that, at least for now, they recommend no access. I'm so glad you seem to have escaped this behavior from him.

You do indeed swear on oath at the final hearing, but please don't be surprised if he lies...

I hope your next date is soon and a line is drawn under all of this.


Marley040783 Sun 23-Feb-20 22:48:07

Thank you, she is 2, and back in 8 weeks, my sister has offered to supervise if it comes to that, she's the next best thing to me. His idea of been a father couldn't be further from what been a parent is about, she never even got a Xmas or bday this year. Thank you for your replies and support. Always gives me a better feeling in n here when you read other people's stories almost identical to your own that your not the only person dealing with this kind of stuff to protect our babies x

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