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What a fab idea this is! (If your single come this way!)

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LoveMyGirls Tue 28-Aug-07 08:04:31

I joined my friend up on this yesterday and it's fab, if you don't want to join yourself get a friend to do it for you, if you have any single bloke friends you can add them too!

LoveMyGirls Tue 28-Aug-07 12:54:42

Bump, can't believe i'm the only one on here who thinks this is a fab idea? come on?

flightattendant Tue 28-Aug-07 13:05:11

Had a look, good idea! smile

LoveMyGirls Tue 28-Aug-07 13:16:21

Thanks for humouring me FT! I've been looking at the blokes on there for my friend and they are not bad, most have great prospects and as it's their friends filling the stuff in it's more likely to be all true! I def think this is the future for dating as most people have the net and you can find stuff out before you waste time trawling pubs and clubs....etc They seem to be varied ages as well.

FuzzyFeeling Tue 28-Aug-07 14:31:44

This looks fab! I like it... might get my friends to add me grin

zmandaz Tue 28-Aug-07 15:10:36

Sorry to sound thick but can you sign yourself up on it or do you have to get a friend to do it? I really don't know why I'm looking at this as I met my ex-h online and it was disatrous but I guess it doesn't harm to window shop grin

LoveMyGirls Tue 28-Aug-07 18:33:53

You can add yourself but i think it looks better if your friends add you as it shows you have some nice friends and you know what they say... you can tell alot about a person by the friends they keep. grin

ChorusLine Tue 28-Aug-07 20:24:21

I have been on this site for a while and chatted to some very nice men....the thing is they kept asking if my friend who wrote it was single as she sounded great!!!

ChorusLine Tue 28-Aug-07 20:28:46

Shall we add what our friends have written about us?

sazzybee Tue 28-Aug-07 20:40:21

OMG the men on there are gorgeous shock

I didn't think I was up for dating but I might give it a whirl

zmandaz Tue 28-Aug-07 22:23:50

Have you all paid to join or have you just done the free profile?

tetti Thu 30-Aug-07 13:30:30

Haha,have you seen the singer Danny from "Embraced" on there?,and that guy Lizo from cbbc's newsround? Hmm,not that keen on either:-),but there are indeed some gorgerous blokes on there.I have never done internet dating,and used to think it was straightly for weirdos only,but having seen some of these photos,hmmmm.I am not ready to date anyone yet,just having been dumped by my partner of 13 years(and the father of my child),but one can look,eh?

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