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feeling let down by my childs father.

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Awesome7 Fri 20-Dec-19 20:32:37

Today was the funeral of a close friends dad .my childs father was coming to collect my child from my parents after school and I asked if he then after would kindly collect my friend and I from the funeral.bearing in mind my friend is grief stricken And needed all the support she could get And has very little family .The whole time he was cussing in the car and saying he doesn't want to be late back home due to traffic.Anyway he shoots off without saying bye to me I ring my child later to see she got to his safely, only to find she is going to a party at 8.30 pm at night.Which is fine but A he couldn't say, oh I was rushing to get to a party and B he brought her this new sparkly dress to go to the party and constantly says oh I don't want our child to be introduced to a party environment with alcohol etc because he's a muslim so the whole thing seems slightly off and dishonest and hypercritcal and darn right un charitable to my friend.And I feel like he treats our child like a doll to just show off to his female friends and whenever he comes to collect her from me he always tells her she smells of pee. which she doesn't smell of pee at all I think he just wants to put his mark on her and treat her like a object and as if its one rule for him and another rule for me.And in a word I just feel so angry that he just can't be kinder and less of a self centered individual I guess hense why we are no longer together.But he rarely says hello or goodbye to me.Thanks for reading feel better for writing it out was planning a nice evening alone only to be fuming about it.

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LIZS Fri 20-Dec-19 20:41:31

He did what you asked if begrudgingly. Not sure I follow re. Party

Tyersal Fri 20-Dec-19 21:23:34

Well the things you want him to do are the kind of things you would ask a close friend or boyfriend to do not really an ex. Unless you are in good terms he was kind to pick you and your friend up at all

Awesome7 Fri 20-Dec-19 22:15:25

Bearing in mind he is still very much part of our lives, if only in a platonic sense and still stays over in the spare room at our house so not entirely living separate lives and still gets involved in family gatherings .So I didn't think I was asking anything unreasonable of him.But I guess trouble with these threads hard to convey the whole picture regarding party I was annoyed he was cussing in the car and making out he was in a hurry to miss traffic but really he wanted to get to a party so why he couldn't just say that.

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Tyersal Sat 21-Dec-19 07:59:24

Sounds like its time for a clean break

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