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When can you have a nap?

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lifeisgoodagain Wed 18-Dec-19 20:44:07

I would never nap leaving my kids, adults don't nap usually (I sleep at night) by 8 or so they are ok for short periods

megletthesecond Wed 18-Dec-19 20:39:13

I've never napped. Mine went from being too young to be left to being old enough to start WW3.
I can lie in in the mornings at weekends but it's only because DS wakes up early and DD wakes up very late. They're not awake together.

kitk Wed 18-Dec-19 19:13:49

@fluffytowelsandcleanbedding sorry, it sucks to be so ill! I clearly remember crawling round the house throwing up when DD was 2.5 and her trying to ride on my back. I ended up with septic tonsillitis and thank god my friends rallied around taking her to nursery and back so that I could sleep from 8-5 and most of night.

The thing you might find amusing now is that I'm no longer a single parent and have a lovely supportive parent but even recently when I got quinsy I was insisting I was fine and could carry on and what did he think I used to do before I met him ha! This single parent thing is shit at times but v empowering to know you can do it on your own too x

IVEgotthetinselBITCHES Wed 18-Dec-19 18:56:39

I had a nap on the sofa once and got a door mat thrown on my face by a disgruntled two year old blush

FatBlobbyBob Wed 18-Dec-19 18:50:28

adviceneededon If I had a stomach bug I would probably keep DD at home with me, if I was off sick from work.

I wouldnt then have to leave the house to do the school run feeling rough or worry about the bug speading around the school.

Plus I couldnt rest knowing I had to go back out at 3pm.

Sometimes needs must & I have kept her home because I am unwell. Not too often though.

PumpkinP Wed 18-Dec-19 18:43:07

You never really go into a proper sleep more just dozing! Or sleeping with one eye open 😂

adviceneededon Wed 18-Dec-19 17:22:33

@PumpkinP I might have to try it out! I can just imagine my 7yo covering me in stickers or slime though ha.

PumpkinP Wed 18-Dec-19 17:15:01

I’ve needed to do it a few times but I have 4 so always shattered so when I’m ill it takes it out of me.

fluffytowelsandcleanbedding Wed 18-Dec-19 17:09:19

I feel like death at the moment and super bad headache so would love not to have tv in the background and just a bit of peace and quite. Nice to know I don't have quite as long to wait as I thought.

This is the part of being a single parent that is the hardest is when you are spent but have to keep on going. Maybe tablet in bed and headphones and I can lie down next to her and zone out for 15mins until the pain killers kick in.

Thanks all, nice to know I'm not alone

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adviceneededon Wed 18-Dec-19 17:07:20

@PumpkinP yes I'm I'll, I'm human. But I don't ever recall being so bad that I need to nap. The last time I had a stomach bug I took them to school with a bag on my lap, dropped them off and then did the same on my way back. I can honestly say I've never napped in their company, and didn't know that many adults actually needed to do this. Not judging at all. I guess you learn something every day!

hauntedvagina Wed 18-Dec-19 16:51:45

Nap on the sofa, I would probably do this from the time they were about four really. Saturday morning, kids tv on, toast and a blanket on the sofa for me.

Pinkbonbon Wed 18-Dec-19 16:38:14

By the time they are 7 for sure.

But you probably could now too occasionally, provided you explained to them 'mummy needs a nap, so will you be OK to watch your film down here alone? Can mummy trust you to behave like a big girl?'

Should be fine.

PumpkinP Wed 18-Dec-19 16:31:43

Your definitely the odd one out! Take it you’re never ill then?

adviceneededon Wed 18-Dec-19 15:44:54

Is this even a thing? I'm B12 deficient and sometimes really struggle, but I'd never nap and leave my children to fend for themselves - and they're 11 and almost 8! Next year my 11 year old will be alone for an hour after school, but that'll be because I'm working. I can't ever imagine lying down for a nap whilst they're pottering around the house. Maybe I'm an odd one out, but I just can't imagine doing it.

kitk Wed 18-Dec-19 15:38:26

When my DD was 5 I'd take the duvet into the sofa and doze while she watched tv which worked well for us. She's now 8 and will pretty much leave me to sleep til 10 at weekends which is lush!

PumpkinP Wed 18-Dec-19 10:39:18

I would say earlier than 9, my 7 year old would be perfectly fine, so depends on the child and how sensible they are. I’ve had no choice but to nap sometimes if I’ve been ill or whatever but I stay in the same room and they know they can wake me. (I also have a 5 year old) but like I said if I just had my 7 year old he would be fine to be left without doing anything silly.

OhamIreally Wed 18-Dec-19 09:02:50

Mine was probably 9. We are on one level though so not as if I'm upstairs whilst she is downstairs. I usually get about half an hour until she comes to find me but I really appreciate being able to do it.

fluffytowelsandcleanbedding Tue 17-Dec-19 20:35:36

What age can you just leave them to watch tv, play, read and just pop off for a little Saturday/Sunday afternoon nap without worrying that they will set the house on fire or cover every available surface in some horrid goo type substance.

My DD is only 5 and has just started getting herself cereal at the weekends but I am on high alert, I'm guessing somewhere in the region of 8-10? So I have a few years to go yet before nap time

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