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Wow! CSA actually kept their word!!!!!

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zmandaz Wed 22-Aug-07 18:31:34

I got my arrears paid into my account today. Can't believe it. I honestly thought I'd never see it.

juicychops Wed 22-Aug-07 18:47:43

im due my first lot of arrears tomorrow so hopefully i will get it. but to be honest the way csa have been so far im not counting on it! only had my first ever payment from them last month and that was a week later than they told me id get it

juicychops Wed 22-Aug-07 18:47:59

but very pleased for you!

binkleandflip Wed 22-Aug-07 18:48:54

I live around the corner from CSA and it's a proper shower I can tell you!!

Glad you got your dough

zmandaz Wed 22-Aug-07 20:31:26

Thanks, I have a feeling ex-h will quit his job so probably won't get many more payments but am really glad I've got something. I have spoken to the CSA several times and have been very un-impressed. It'll be interesting to see if they improve with all the changes being made.

juicychops Wed 22-Aug-07 21:26:55

thats exactly what im expecting to happen. im just waiting for the day to come when my ex will quit his job just so he doesn't have to pay me money.

i cant imagine much changing

zmandaz Wed 22-Aug-07 21:50:32

Makes you sick doesn't it. It makes me so angry that i've had to struggle to afford to live and to clothe/feed my DD, then struggle to claim my meagre £10 a week extra from my ex-h who has his own home/car/good job. And he can decide at any point just to jack it all in, spend all his money and I won't see another penny. He's blatently said that he's thinking of doing this and there's absolutely nothing I can do. I know I have to try to be independant and that anything I get from him should be looked on as a bonus but it still makes me mad!

MisterEd Thu 23-Aug-07 11:14:02

I was waiting for arrears from my ex through the csa, for my little girl born in 2000, they finally took him to court in May this year......He had to pay £3000 lump sum and the rest at £100 a month til day dot!!! so they do sort it in the end just takes alot of time (7 years in my case.
But after having to struggle for so long I have been able to spoil her rotten and treat her like a princess. No hand me downs or sorry I can't afford it honey, she's getting what she deserves. So hang in there your time will come. :O

Tinkerbel5 Thu 23-Aug-07 11:26:47

well done for getting your money zmandaz, its good to hear that the csa come through for some

juicychops Thu 23-Aug-07 14:27:05

rang csa and guess what? failed payment. Been in tears for the last hour. £270 i was due and he failed to pay up. I know i shouldn't rely on it and i wasn't going to but as this was only the second payment, last month was £160, this is the first month including arrears, i thought it cant get cocked up for the second payment. Well it fucking has and now im down £270. Feel so down right now.

Got to wait up to 48 hours for them to ring me back now to explain what the problem with him is.

Tinkerbel5 Thu 23-Aug-07 15:19:25

sorry to hear that Juicychops, I wonder what went wrong ? maybe they can put a deduction order on your ex's wages so that he cant get away with not paying.

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