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What do I do about maintainence - CSA seem to have lead up their arse

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EscapeFrom Mon 20-Aug-07 11:45:21

I am on income support, and should alledgedly be receiving £10 pw maintainence - so where is it? I have had £80 in 25 week, all of which was at the end of May. What do I do about getting this money?

EscapeFrom Mon 20-Aug-07 12:56:59

hey hey!

PersonalClown Mon 20-Aug-07 12:58:31

Give up now!
I haven't had a single payment in 4 years!

kiminutter Mon 20-Aug-07 13:00:16

I've been waiting 9 years!

EscapeFrom Mon 20-Aug-07 13:11:46

Oh you're joking!

but they know where he lives and they know where he works - why can't they sort it?

RGPargy Mon 20-Aug-07 13:13:13

I haven't had a payment since about 1998!

Tinkerbel5 Mon 20-Aug-07 14:11:11

ring them up, it could be that your ex is paying the maintenace late, or there could be a problem with the whole lot, the £10 is only passed on to the PWC by the CSA when its been paid by the NRP

EscapeFrom Mon 20-Aug-07 21:32:45

I know he's not been paying them - I want them to make more of an effort to chase him for it.

Seems like I am wanting the moon on a stick

Damn them.

zmandaz Mon 20-Aug-07 21:43:06

I should have been getting payments since aprox Nov of last year (DD is 1 in a few weeks). I have been told different things by the CSA but the last thing they said was that they'd arranged to take the payments directly from ex-h's salary and that I should have it in my bank by the end of the month at the lates....nothing so far! It's annoying that I have to keep chasing them, especially when I get the 'well I don't know why you were told that last time you rung' speech every time. £10 is nothing to ex-h as he's on a fairly good wage whilst he stays in his job but would make a world of difference to me, not to mention the arrears he's supposed to be paying. It shouldn't be this difficult.

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