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Job or training ideas??

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maria1947 Mon 18-Nov-19 03:25:54

All you other lovely ladies who have managed to find work that fits in with your family just wondering how you managed it?

Basically I've always worked in care, have my nvq 2 which is something but had to give up nights after 15 years in a care home due to separation.

There is no childcare or after school clubs as my daughter is now in secondary and family moved away recently so out of school hours is difficult to cover!

I'm working for an agency as a support worker, as I can just elect to work early shifts, which are usually 8-3 or 4pm which is good but being unable to drive, there is not enough work, I just get enough but it's a struggle as I only get about 2 or 3 shifts a week.

When I had to change from nights I applied to 100s of jobs but only the care ones ever invited me for interview and of course being in care, have regular late nights, and weekends that I just can't cover as have no-one to look after daughter.

Home caring positions also require a driver and of course I will never afford lessons!!

Sorry for the long post, I would love to hear about other people's work and that they've found a way to work or train that fits in with their family and that it's not as hopeless and hard as it feels right nowsad

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maria1947 Mon 18-Nov-19 03:29:00

Sorry meant to add that daughter is 12

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Candlestickchic Sun 24-Nov-19 09:30:18

Do you have any other qualifications or experience that you could build on to get into, say, admin work? Eg maths and English GCSEs? NHS or other public sector admin roles are often part time so you could work 9-2 or similar. Then it’s just the holidays to cover, unless you’re lucky enough to find term time only. As your dd gets older you might find she and you are happy for her to be at home for a couple of hours after school so you can work 9-5. I have seen business administration apprenticeships offered by the local council before which would be a good way to start. Or volunteering? The charity where I work has admin volunteers which would help get you some experience for your CV...

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