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Exh splitting from partner

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Nothappy599 Tue 01-Oct-19 00:15:32

My ExH has informed me that him and his partner are splitting up.
My children (14,12 and 8) are confused and sad.
They have a half sister that they really do love and the youngest is very close to ex's partner
How do I get them through this?
I don't trust her in the slightest to be accommodating in terms of them seeing their sibling.
Relationship with ExH is not good.
I can't do anything to help them can I?

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kitk Tue 01-Oct-19 12:28:37

No, you can't except be there for them and answer their questions if you can. Presumably ex will be getting access to his daughter or fighting for it if she's difficult. They will continue to see half sis during some of the contact time with him. I suppose one thing you could do is be flexible with your own contact arrangements so that kids are with him when half sis is too? I feel for you. My ex has just split up with his partner and DD is devastated

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